This fun sport is relatively new but is now reputed to be played in over 40 countries and is fast growing in popularity.Paintball can be played by men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. So what is it? It is a bit like the childhood game of hide & seek or Tag but more challenging.

The most common form is where you have two teams playing against each other. The size of the team can vary from 5 to even 30. The goal is to capture the other team's flag whilst at the same time protecting your own flag. Whilst doing this you try to eliminate players from the opposing team by firing a 'paintball' at them. The paintball is actually a pellet (about 1.5cm across) containing coloured vegetable dye. The pellet is encased in gelatine and fired from a specially made paint gun. The paint gun uses CO2 to propel the pellet. When the pellet hits your opponent it breaks open and splashes the paint. Then that person shouts 'hit' and leaves the field, with their paint gun in the air so they can?t fire back at you or anyone else!

This game can be played and adapted to suit different levels of physical fitness - so really you can make the game fit the contestants taking part. This way it can be enjoyed by adrenalin-loving fit people seeking thrills, youngsters with too much energy, or those of us used to a more sedentary life who want to get out of the office and have some fun with our colleagues. For this last reason this game is a favourite for work activities chosen to encourage team building!

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