Official Rubber Stamps

Making official rubber stamps is a great way to give a new kind of twist to your rubber stamping hobby. You take the elements of rubber stamping and give it the potential to become a hobby that's slightly more than a hobby. By bringing in official stamps as something that you choose to make, you give people the option of hiring your services and your skills, to create official rubber stamps, for their businesses, giving you a great way to enjoy your hobby and support it too.

The money you make from making rubber stamps might not be enough to earn you a living but if you are really interested in continuing your hobby, you can choose to introduce this element as a means of earning enough money to buy your raw materials. You don't need to just buy these materials for the stamps you plan to sell, you can make a little profit and invest it into rubber stamps that you make for your own personal pleasure.

Understanding Official Rubber Stamps

The most important thing to remember, when making official rubber stamps, is that they are rarely in the form of decorative stamps. That means, they are likely to have a lot more text-based elements to them than a design or even a logo. Official rubber stamps are used to authorize documents or cheques as part of a company or an organization. To have the seal on a particular document or seal is to state that the company has sanctioned the release of that document or of the person who has signed it.

The official rubber stamp is a representation of the company on paper and you cannot make a mistake on it. Depending on your client, you may need to work on one or many different kinds of stamps, most of which are based on their regular needs or forms of usage. The most common shapes of the stamp are rectangles and round, although it isn't unusual to get requests to make square or triangular stamps too.

The main thing you need to learn when dealing with official rubber stamps is to carve out alphabets in a clear and precise manner. When you carve them out onto the sheet of rubber, they need to sit perfectly, with the right kind of spacing between the letters, and ensuring that you get the perfect impression that is legible with all kinds of ink.

Creating the Rubber Stamp

Whether you are creating official rubber stamps or just some funny designs, the process tends to remain the same. You need a sheet of rubber, about half a centimetre thick or so, a wooden block to mount the rubber onto, and a round handle to nail onto the wood. To cut out the pattern or letters onto the rubber sheet, you need some fine tools, like a paring knife and other rubber stamping tools. Finally, you need a piece of tracing paper on which you start out the initial design.

You begin by marking out the mirror image of the inscription onto the tracing paper. This paper is, then, placed on the rubber sheet following which, you need to start cutting the letters out. That means, you need to start cutting out the rubber that's around the marked out letters and lower its level. Do not cut out the excess rubber because you will need something to stick onto the wooden block and create the stamp.

Once you have all the characters you need, paste some non-corrosive glue on the back and stick it onto the wooden block. Get a stamp pad and start fine-tuning your official rubber stamp to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned and absolutely clear. Once you have ensured that the design is perfect, fix it in place by nailing the excess rubber, if required, onto the wooden block.

That should be all you need to do to make your official rubber stamp. If you need to create copies of the same stamp, trying and use the same transfer paper or tracing paper as many times as you can. Once you have a bit of the image on one stamp, you can complete it by hand. Otherwise, you can always make copies of the same stamp or print things out onto the paper and cut them out in the required format, later.

The precision and process of making official rubber stamps is also quite interesting on its own. The amount of focus and detail it demands is, in its own way, quite attractive to many. It is also a nice break from constantly having to think about different designs and what's more, it can also help you earn some money to continue practicing the hobby you love. So don't think twice - if you like making rubber stamps, then you'll love making official rubber stamps as well!

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