New Or Used Robots

If you are looking to but new or used robots, then we can help you by providing several options. Before choosing to buy either a used or a new robot you should think about the various advantages such purchase provide.

Advantages of buying used robots:

- The biggest advantage of buying a used robot is savings. You can save somewhere around 50% when buying a used robot.
- It allows for faster installation and training. Some companies choose to buy used robots when replacing an existing robot with a similar robot.
- Used robots are reliable and with proper maintenance can last for a very long time.

Advantages of buying new robots:

- The repair and maintenance service of a new robot is easily available. The replacements parts are also available from the manufacturer.
- New robots provide controllers advantage. The controllers offer more flexibility, increased navigation and updated training options.

Mentioned below is information about suppliers of used and new robots:

Rebotics International is a specialized supplier of used and new robots offering robots from all the chief manufacturers like ABB Robots, KUKA Robots, Fanuc Robots, Motoman Robots & Nachi Robots. The company also provides service like: overhauling an existing robot, performing preventive maintenance, robot design installation, robot repair, robot reconditioning, and robot rebuild. They also carry a wide range of robot related spare accessories.

This Michigan based company sells refurbished robots. They also specialize in robot integration, electronic and mechanical repair of robots, PLC training, and robot rebuilding. They also sell spare parts for robots.

This is a Michigan based company whose core service includes: selling used robots, selling spare parts, robot refurbishment, and component repair. The company also provides repair and restoration service.

This company buys and sells used robots and parts. Almost all the top brand robots like Panasonic, ABB, Fanuc, and Motoman can be purchased from them. They also provide robot automation, robot consulting, robot welding, robotic automation, turn key integration, welding automation etc.


The company sells both used and new robots. Brands include Motoman, Panasonic, Fanuc, ABB, Nachi. The used robots are sold with full warranty after performing a 168 point process check.

There are various options available from where you can buy new or used. It is in your best interest to access the advantages, cost, purpose and technical advancement required before making the decision whether to buy new or used robots.

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