Mini RC Robots

Mini RC Robots

There are a few different mini remote control robots. If you are looking to build one or purchase a kit, here is a little information why not visit, Art Glass Collectibles on the different types of mini rc robots:

An antweight robot is one of the mini rc robots. An antweight robot must weigh less than 150 g. The rules also state that the antweight robot needs to fit inside , Coins Display Cases of a four inch cube. To build your own antweight robot it will cost you about $150. The good news is that you will probably want to build a second mini rc robot and it will be less expensive as you will have most of the parts. Once you build one antweight robot, you will more than likely want to build another. Have fun battling your own antweight robots at home. try, Plastic Display Cases Or maybe you and a friend want to chip in on the parts and each build your own. Help to cut the cost of the mini rc robots in half. The two of you can enjoy battling it out with each other when you each have your own mini rc robots.

Depending on the sophistication of your antweight robot will depend on how long it will take you to build. It could take you a minimum of a day or two up to a few months. If you do not want to build the mini rc robot from scratch than you may opt to buy a kit.

You can find directions online try, Knitting or Crocheting or in different types of robot books on how to consider, Running RC Jeeps build your own antweight robot.

Another one of the mini rc robots is the fleaweight. This robot is one that fights and weighs around 75 grams or less. The Robotic Fighting League does not list this mini rc robot in their competitions. Nonetheless, if you want to do your own battles at home have a look at, Basic Drawing or with friends, the fleaweight robot is a great mini rc robot.

The Fairyweight mini rc robots are equivalent to the antweights in the United Kingdom. The Fairyweight robot weighs 150 g or less.

The Beetleweight mini rc robot is larger than any of the robots listed above. The Beetleweight weighs three pounds or 1.36 kg. If you are going to competition your Beetleweight may not weigh over the three pounds. Your mini rc robot probably walks consider, Drawing Figures thus giving you more weight that is legal for competition.

You can choose from a variety of mini rc robots. Have fun at home checkout, DIY Bathroom Vinyl with a friend or family have a look at, Fisher Price Doll House Furniture member combating each other with your mini rc robots. Feel free to do a tournament in your area when you are ready. At this time tournaments are held in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Before entering a competition, make sure you strictly follow through with the rules of the combat. If you do not, you may end up disappointed and unable to do battle. You will love the excitement of the crowd when your mini rc robot is battling another mini rc robot.

RC Mini Robot

    RC Mini Robots

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