Massage Oils

Massage oils can be very easily blended and mixed and with very little knowledge required and this is the beauty of aromatherapy, although it is an in-depth and fascinating subject, initially knowledge can be minimal and experience gained through practical application. Massage oils can be bought already mixed and these are perfectly adequate for the beginner who wishes to use them as an introduction to aromatherapy and for pure massage purposes, however, a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction can arise from mixing your own massage oils.

If planning to create your own personalised massage oils on a regular basis, then it is worth investing some time into researching the individual properties associated with each essential oil.

Examples of massage oils:

Rosemary Essential Oil: This wonderful oil can be mixed with a good carrier oil to aid with muscular aches and pains. It smells lovely and its aroma is also good for mental clarity and rejuvenation.

Bergamot Essential Oil: Because this oil is a natural relaxant, it can be blended with other favourite oils and used for massaging.

Geranium Essential Oil: Is wonderful for the skin and encourages cell renewal and again can be blended with other oils.

There are many different massage oils which can be used and although they all have different healing properties, many people use the oils simply because they are attracted to the unique aroma of the oil. Being drawn to oils instinctively is not a bad thing; sometimes we choose the oil and the fragrance that would be most beneficial to us at that time.

If you prefer to select the oils which would be most beneficial to you according to their specifications, then it is worth reading up on all of the properties associated with specific oils and this will help you to choose the ones which you feel are a priority. The oils often have a multitude of positive benefits so often it can be a difficult decision. Whichever oils you choose, experiencing an aromatherapy massage can be a wonderful treatment, so don't waste any time, buy your massage oils today.

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