Making Your Own Mini Scrapbook

Making your own mini scrapbook is not just a simple process, it is a whole lot of fun too! Considering the kind of options you have available today, thanks to improved technology, you scrapbook can be as vivid and vibrant as you like - and we aren't even talking about what you put in it yet! Getting started on the process of making your own mini scrapbook requires everything you would need for a regular scrapbook, just lesser. The only difference between a regular scrapbook and its miniature version is the size - everything stays exactly the same.

The process of making a scrapbook, mini or otherwise, begins with a theme and you need to pick that based on things you would like to store away! A scrapbook is meant to store away scraps of memories or moments that you can keep. Think of it like a shoe box with all your old stuff, only in the form of an album or a book. Mini scrapbooks look a whole lot cooler because they are more compact and when you add pockets and embellishments to it, they can look fantastic! So here's what you need when you begin making your own mini scrapbook.

Get all you Need

No matter what age you are, you can finish making your own mini scrapbook in just a few hours. You could start in the morning and by the afternoon, your entire scrapbook could be complete. If you have all your scraps, pictures, papers, cloth or any other materials that you'd like to put into your mini scrapbook, in place, then you just need to find the materials to create your mini scrapbook - that's all!

If you are going to be making scrapbooks quite often, then you need to get yourself a binding machine. There are some excellent options available and the best kinds, for making your own mini scrapbook, are the ones that you can hold in the palm of your hand. The machine allows you to buy different kinds of covers, made of chipboard, that you can use on your scrapbooks, and end it off with a neat and clean bind to hold everything in place. So, once you've gathered your materials and got your binding machine, start looking for a design!

Basic Mini Scrapbook Design

If you are looking to make the simplest kind of scrapbook, then all you need is a cover and the pages inside it. Cut out the chipboard cover into a 4.1 x 4 inch, or mini scrapbook, size. Then, you start binding each cover with the kind of paper you'd want. That means, you need to cut out the paper by around 5.1 x 5 inches, just an inch bigger than the chipboard cover you just cut out, and place the cover right in the centre. Trim the corners and bring in the edges to fold over the back of the chipboard. Stick it into place and your cover's done! Do the back in the same way and you are ready to start work on the insides. You add in an extra 0.1 inch to the side where the binding will be done, just to allow the spine of your scrapbook to come in!

Bring in the paper that you'd want inside and cut each sheet to about 3.9 x 3.8 inches. This will ensure that they stay just inside the boundaries of your chipboard covers. When making your own mini scrapbook, keeping track of the measurements and staying consistent will help you get a nice, clean finish. Make sure you are done with these elements before you move into the binding bit!

You can even add pockets, if you want, to your mini scrapbook and all you need to do is take each un-cut page for the insides, fold it in half so that one side's length is about 4 inches and the other side's length is about 4.5 or 5 inches. Fold the longer edge inside or behind, till the side's length becomes 4 inches, and stick or staple it in place. When you bind your mini scrapbook at the end, it will become your pocket. If you want a pocket with a cover that closes, you'll need to include a flap into your design, which will just mean that in the first step, instead of folding your paper in half, you will fold it in two-third of three-fourth ratio, leaving the remaining paper to become your flap. You can cut out your flap in any shape you want, also stitching or sticking a button or Velcro onto it to create a provision to fasten it.

Once you are done and happy with everything, bind it! Follow the instructions that are provided on with the binding machines and you are ready to start finishing up your scrapbook with all the embellishments you need. Add in your memories, your comments and you are all done.

Remember to be creative when choosing the design for making your own mini scrapbook. Cut out the cover and the paper in different shapes, add in different coloured paper or just throw in pockets and other elements randomly. That's the best part about making your own mini scrapbook - you are the boss!

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