Making Scrapbooks

Maintaining or making scrapbooks is a great way of spending time, irrespective of what your age or gender is. Everyone loves to keep a track of their memories and there is no better multi-medium mode of doing that than to make a scrapbook that holds all possible elements together, on the same page. From CDs and DVDs to pieces of paper, leaves and sketches, anything and everything can go into your scrapbook that becomes dearer to you as you keep filling it in.

Making scrapbooks is not difficult and, to be honest, every individual can have their own style and pattern for maintaining it. However, if you would like to be a little organized and make sure that your first few attempts, before you set out on your own, are right and do not put you off of the hobby altogether, here are some ways to ensure that you are getting all the elements in place to make your own scrapbook.

Organize Everything

The first thing you need to do is bring together everything that you'd like to put into your scrapbook. You need to start collecting everything you plan to put inside your scrapbooks as well as the elements that will go into the making of your scrapbook. That means, you need to find the right kind of cover or paper to start making it, but before anything else - you need something called a layout!

The layout is the look of your scrapbook and how you'd like it to appear when you are done making it. You will have an idea of what you would like to include into your scrapbook so according to that, choose what kind of design you'd like on it. So, if you are going to stick pictures onto the book, then you don't need pockets. If you plan to keep CDs or small objects, then you will need pockets. Fabric can be stapled or sewn onto regular paper while small stones can be stuck or placed inside pockets too!

Once you have your layout, you can go about finding the cover and the paper that will go inside of it. Just head into any hobby or arts & crafts store and you will find a lot of options to pick your materials from. Don't forget to get in some of the additional things you might need - like sparkles or ribbons or anything else that you might think is essential to give your scrapbook that ultimate look. Once you have everything, get yourself some simple tools like a pair of scissors, a stapler, a tube of glue or anything else you might need, and you are all set to go!

Start Making Scrapbooks

Now comes the point where you begin the process of putting all those elements together and make your own scrapbook. The first thing you do is take your paper and start marking out the layout, the background you want, the border you want or anything else that you consider will be a vital part of each element on your scrapbook. Don't start sticking them together just yet - just add whatever you need, to each element, and put it in the kind of place you would want it to be in.

Once you have everything cut and marked out in the size you want it, start working on the elements that will go in. If you have pictures that need to be cropped, do that! If you have pieces of paper that need to be trimmed, do that! Label your CDs or wash out those leaves - basically, do what is needed to get your scrapbook materials into the right kind of shape, ready to be stored away for a long time.

Start sticking things onto your pages and work on the individual layout of each page. There has to be a certain level of finesse involved, at this stage, and once you have decided on that theme and on the way everything fits into the page, stick it up and complete each page as you go. The next step is about binding your entire scrapbook together and you can use a machine, staple it or even stitch it together, depending on what kind of final look you are gunning for. Once you've put everything together, it's time to add in your final touches, write out those captions and complete making your scrapbook.

When making scrapbooks, you can let yourself go wild with imagination. Anything and everything can go onto your scrap book and when you are coming up with a theme, there is no limitation to the size or area of influence. It can be about something as small as your cat's life or something as big as your life in school. It can be about your family or about an athlete or celebrity you admire. You can do whatever you feel like, when making scrapbooks, and that is what makes this hobby so incredibly popular for all age-groups!

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