Making Miniature Dolls

Making Miniature Dolls

The Art of Doll making - Miniature Dolls!

Making miniature dolls is a great way to get acquainted with the art of doll making. There are no strict rules associated with making miniature dolls, allowing you to apply your creativity to the maximum. The most important task associated with making miniature dolls is to select what type of mini doll you want to make.

A lot of factors play a role in deciding the right type of mini doll for you. To begin with, you need to decide on the right material to make your miniature doll. The three most common materials are cloth, porcelain and polymer clay. Cloth is ideal for novice doll makers as it is easy to work with and you do not need any prior experience to use it. Knowledge of sewing will definitely make matters easier though.

Once you have decided on the material you will then need to move onto the different parts of the doll, such as hair, eyes and limbs. This includes deciding whether you want to paint also see, Language Construction Kit these features, checkout, Top 100 Ranking MLM Companies or sew them in with a thread and needle, or use accessories why not visit, Silver Jewellery such as ribbons or buttons to denote them. Accessorizing or decorating also look at, BBQ for Vegetarians your doll is another very important aspect of making miniature dolls.

Hair in particular needs a lot of thought, as you could either use a wig, which would have to be glued in, or sew hair on the doll's head, using wool and a needle, or just paint why not visit, Collectors Display Cases the hair on. Working with porcelain requires prior experience of sculpting and using moulds. It also requires you to learn about setting the porcelain and painting why not visit, RC RTS on it, as well as assembling your miniature doll after you are done.

Taking a crafts look at, RC Boat Race class in your neighborhood, or joining a doll makers club, are some great ways to learn more about making miniature dolls. In case there aren't any near your house, look at, Diecast Police Cars the Internet checkout, Collectors Display Cases is a great source for information also look at, Diecast Models on how to consider, Top reasons behind buying 3D printers for home use in Melbourne make miniature dolls. Going through miniature doll collections is a great way to get ideas for your own dolls. Visit websites of famous doll makers, subscribe to a doll maker's magazine, and if nothing else, start up your own group of miniature doll makers. Remember that the only thing you really need is your creativity and you will be an expert at making miniature dolls in no time.

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