Legacy Family Tree

If you're looking for genealogy software to create your own personal family tree, have a look at Legacy Family Tree. The standard edition of this software is distributed free and there are no restrictions at all. If you find that the free version of Legacy Family Tree works for you, you are able to pay a fee to upload the additional features that come with the Legacy Family Tree deluxe edition. Or you can simply carry on using the free version.

The standard Legacy Family Tree Version

The standard version of Legacy comes in quite a large software package - but it's still less than 50 MB. So if you have a reasonable Internet connection running, it shouldn't take you longer than about ten minutes to download. You will be given a password to be able to install the program, and that takes less than a minute. Then you will also have access to a 45 minute video tutorial that explains exactly how the program works. Then the fun begins.

Although it is an English program (and there are currently three English versions available, Australian, Canadian, UK and USA English), Legacy is also available in several other languages: Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and most recently Czech.

The program, in general, is punted as the most comprehensive and easy-to-use family history software available. Legacy incorporates a comprehensive collection of charts and reports and makes it really simple to enter all the information you need to make your family tree readable and accessible for generations to come. When entering your information, there are various views that you can choose from.. These are the:

· Family view,
· Pedigree view,
· Descendant view,
· Index view, and if you have the deluxe version, the
· Chronology view.

Legacy also has excellent scrapbook features as well as the ability to link a sound file to an image. This way you can tell a story within your family tree! That is so cool.

This software is updated regularly, and the most recent version (as at January 2010) was Version 7. So don't miss the opportunity to check out the most recent Legacy Family Tree.

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