Knitting For Free

Everyone loves to take up a hobby and learning knitting for free is an easy way of picking up a brilliant way to spend your time. An age-old craft that's been doing the rounds for several centuries, knitting has grown from being a simple craft-form to being a full-fledged industry run with machines and specialized patterns. Irrespective of whether you are looking to set up an industry or simply looking to work from home, it is quite possible to take up knitting for free, and enjoy it as much as anyone out there.

Now, you might wonder how you can get a hold of what you need to get started. Knitting, for free or otherwise, requires just three things - needles, yarn and knowledge of the basic stitches that need to go in. While you can also buy them from any store, you won't really be knitting for free if you did that. So how do you start this hobby without spending any of your money?

Source your Tools

All of us have grandparents and almost all of us have seen our grandparents knit at some point of time. If not, you surely know someone, a friend maybe, who received those home-made sweaters for Christmas. Almost all these knitting-grandparents, or parents even, have knitting needles and most of them will be thrown away or just lie around unused. You can always trod down to their home and pick up these needles and give them a new lease of life. Alternately, you can just head on down to a knitting club or get the contacts of someone who knits and go around to their home.

As for the yarn, you might struggle to find this bit for free. While you can always pick up unused bits and roll them up, you might not end up with much to work with and, let's be serious, that's not really how you want to do things. So while you might have to buy the yarn, you can find stitching patterns in books, for free. To use those tools properly, you need to know the techniques to use them. There are plenty of books available in libraries but if you aren't a member of these libraries or if you can't source these books without spending money to buy them first- or second-hand, then you have the option of checking the internet.

For those looking at knitting for free, the Internet gives you many new and old patterns that are popular amongst hobbyists. While most of the older patterns have finished off the face of the Earth, you can still find these classical stitching patterns on some websites, if you look hard enough. Here's a look at some of those old patterns that can help you start knitting for free.

Afghan Knitting Patterns

If you are looking to knit blankets, then Afghan patterns are available for free on the Internet. The Afghan culture is known for its fabulous knitting patterns for various garments and items like carpets. They may be traditional stitches but for those looking for new ideas and something different from the regular hats, scarfs an sweaters, then these exotic patterns will more zing to your work.

Knitting Patterns for Babies

When you are making a blanket for babies, you will find yourself in the middle of a whole new world of designs that are meant to look beautiful, keep your child warm and, if you don't have a baby, give you some practice in a new type of design. What's more, when you finish this beautiful little piece, you would have created something with your own loving and caring hands.

Spread it

Bed spreads are some of the most amazing things you can create while knitting for free. They are colourful, serve an important purpose and make your entire room come alive. Whether you make them through thread or yarn, they are always beautiful ways to spend your time knitting. Always something that will fit your bedroom's look perfectly, a bedspread is also a brilliant gift for your friends and family.

Children's Clothes

After baby's blankets, the next best thing is creating something for children. Everything that we hated receiving as children, are a great idea for you to make to practice knitting for free. Patterns are always available on the Internet and you don't even have to pay any money for them. Whether making stuff for older children or something for the younger ones in the family, you will get some interesting patterns to practice knitting for free.

Knitting is something that you need a lot of practice on to get right and to keep things interesting, you can try out these patterns and bring some variety into your hobby, while knitting for free!

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