Kite Repair

Are you able to repair your Kite?

Kite Repair is an essential skill to know if you are involved with kites. Whether you like to build them or simply fly them, kite repair allows you to prolong your kite's life without going out and buying a new kite every time there is an issue with the one you are using. With minimal tools and raw materials, you can effectively carry out heavy duty kite repairs and lend life to your bruised and battered kites.

Kites tend to get damaged quite often and easily too. And why would they not be? After all, when you take your kite out to the park, there are so many hazards to its life. A kite may get caught in the trees, hit by a bird or another kite and even land hard on the ground. All these can damage your kite and if you are into kite fighting, then you must have definitely had some wounded soldiers to patch up.

Kite repair is not a very hard thing to do or learn as long as you have the right equipment and tools. While there are many specialist repair shops and companies, it is something that can be done in your own home.

While small kites like paper-made flat kites can be simply repaired to flight-ready condition with a little glue and paper; that is not always the case especially when it comes to repairing the more elaborate kites.

For smaller kites, the basic idea is that any rip in the fabric or paper can be fixed simply with the same, or lighter, material patched on the problem area with some light-weight tape or thin, but strong, glue. The idea is to maintain the kite?s weight and balance while ensuring that the repaired parts do not come lose in mid-air. Stickers are a great solution for rips and tears in the paper.

Structural damage in small kites is also relatively simple and may require you to undo the damaged part of the framework and replace it completely. A certain level of expertise in kite building is required to carry out such kite repairs as it is important to know how much and what kind of materials are required to adequately repair the kite without damaging its flight pattern or durability. While simply patching up structural damage like broken frames may heal it temporarily, but in higher wind speeds up in the air, it might snap in an instant; so it is always considered better to replace rather than patch up framework damage.

When it comes to bigger kites such as parafoil kites or even large-sized control line-driven kites, the complexity of kite repair jobs increases exponentially. In case of oversized designer kites, it is quite important for you to remember that these kites are much stronger than small flatter versions and to fly, they require a lot more stability as they are generally much heavier too.

You can easily learn kite repair techniques from your local kite flying club. Trained instructors are always the best place to learn the finer techniques as well as grab some quick tips and tricks to repair kites at home.

If you are someone who is into kiteboarding or other kite-related sports like kite skiing, kite buggying, etc. then the kites are a whole different deal altogether and that makes repair a more skilled job. There are many companies that repair such kites and many others still, who make kits that you can use to repair them on your own. In either case, it is always better to try and do this level of kite repair only if you are experienced at it because at this level, you are personally moving along with the kite and any unnatural or unexpected behaviour can lead to injuries and even fatality.

It is always advisable to get large and sport-related kites repaired from an expert. Smaller kites used mostly by and for hobbyists, can be repaired at home easily using materials available at the local hobby store. It is quite simple to get your hands on the equipment and material and with the Internet, it is even more simple to understand the basic nuances of kite repair.

Kites can cost quite a bit depending on their style, size and complexity. You don't have to go out buying a new one every time there is an issue with it. With the right tools, material and knowhow, you can get about setting up your very own kite repair shop at your own home.

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