Kite Plans

Kite plans can provide you a great way to spend some quality time with your family, or showcase your creativity, or even go win major competitions. Even though there are some kite types which are classics, making their kite plans popular as well, there are many kite enthusiasts who constantly create original and mind-blowing kite plans, many of which are freely available.

Now before you decide on a kite plan, you need to decide what your purpose for building the kite is. In case you are beginner it is always better to go for easy and simple single line kites. Not only are they easy to make, they are also quite interesting to look at and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. A great type for novices is flat kites, which are the most common type of kites, found around the world.

Start out with a simple Bacalao, or Barn Door kite, both of which are standard shaped kites, which have long colorful tails. You can then move on to Banner kites, the Avion, which is an immensely popular category, and finally the famous Dragon Kite. In case you are a bit more experienced, then Acrobatic and Fighter kites, with dual lines are a great option for you. For absolute fanatics, the triple and quad line kites and power kites will pose more of a challenge.

Use the Internet to find your Kite Plans

You can find a lot of plans from the Internet, which is a great source for all kinds kite plans. Depending on your level of experience, choose the kite type you want to build, and look it up with a search engine. Some great sites for kite plans are, and, where you will find kite plans for all sorts of kites. Apart from this, there are a large number of sites set up by kite experts, who not only provide kite plans, but also give out additional information about kites and their care and maintenance.

In case you prefer books, some great titles which will be a big help include, 'The Tao of Kiteflying', by Harm van Veen, 'The Fighter Kite Book', by David Gomberg, 'Stunt Kites to Make and Fly', by Servaas van der Horst and lastly, 'The Magnificent Book of Kites', by Maxwell Eden. Another great way to get reliable and complex kite plans is to join a kite enthusiasts group, such as the American Kite Fliers Association. Here you can directly ask experts for kite plans and even get help when you get stuck.

Some popular types of kites you need to get your hands on are, The Salmon, The Windbow, Geometric Centipede, Clownrotor and many others. These require a high level of experience, so get practicing and get yourselves one of these amazing kite plans.

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