How To Make A Doll House

Learning how to make a doll house is an extremely fruitful experience that helps you to not only learn a new skill, but also gives you the satisfaction of working with your hands. Depending on your skill level and experience with the hobby, you can learn how to make a doll house with ease, either through classes or on your own. So if you are looking to start off on this colour and fantastic hobby, then gear up because we're going to teach you how to make a doll house right in your own home.

The first step in learning how to make a doll house is to know the materials that you will be employing in the process. Depending on the size of the house, the type of house and the ease of building, you can either choose raw materials such as wood and plastic or simply go in for a doll house kit, meant for those who are looking to learn how to make a doll house, especially for the first time.

Once you have the materials and the tools required for the task, the next step is to determine the size of the house that you are going to build. The best way to start is by creating a floor plan or blueprint for your doll house. Once you have the doll house's blueprints, it will be easy for you to know which direction to go on to make a doll house.

While the size of the house can be standardized according to standard size furniture and accessories that are available in the market today, you can also decide to make your own furniture, a more fulfilling task to add to your "how to make a doll house" classes.

Materials for your Doll House

If you are looking for materials to build your doll house, the most common materials are wood, plastic or cardboard. For obvious reasons, as your experiences in learning how to make a doll house will show, wood is the sturdiest of all materials but is also the hardest to cut and smoothen out into an accurate shape. You can choose from plywood, oak or MDF boards to make your doll house, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Plastic is the next bet and depending on the quality of the plastic, your work will be that difficult or easy.

Oak is generally preferred by experienced doll house makers primarily for the finish that it gives to the model. However, if you are starting off and have little experience cutting and shaping wood, you are better off with plywood or MDF. MDF is the easiest to mould and also the least expensive of them all.

When picking plastic, used bookshelves and even trays can make good floors for your doll house. Cardboard, in itself, is not good enough for doll houses as they can be quite flimsy. Unless you spend a bit more in purchasing hard cardboard or plan to reinforce the cheaper varieties with plastic or ply, you are likely to have a foldable doll house, which is not ideal.

Once you have the materials & the tools and the plans, you need to go about shaping your entire doll house. One of the most important lessons in learning how to make a doll house is that you need to be able to map the pick the design off the blueprint and copy it onto the materials. This means that you need to be able to cut out the materials in the shapes and sizes that you require, without any mistakes. Mistakes will mean that your house will not fit together.

In this lesson of "how to make a doll house", we will suggest that you begin with the floors as they make it easy for the rest of the house to fall into. The walls come up according to the cuts on the floor and this makes setting the entire thing a piece of cake.

Once you have the floors and rooms ready and set; on comes the fun part - decorating your doll house.

While you can always go out to a hobby store and buy miniature television sets, couches, kitchen sets and what not, it is always more fun to build one on your own, making sure that everything in your house belongs to you, completely.

Learning how to make a doll house is an extremely fun hobby and one that you can even spend time with your friends or children on. A great way to learn, use your hands as well as create something exciting and wonderful, making doll houses sure is a great hobby.

If you are not too keen on designing your own doll house, search the internet for various blueprints or instructions that can teach you how to make a doll house. There are as no strict protocols to follow and it becomes more interesting as you learn and begin creating your own rules on how to make a doll house.

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