How To Collage

Learning how to create a collage is all about knowing about the basic techniques to make interesting collages, with a wide collection of items such as newspapers, pictures, paintings, photos and a lot of unused substances. Once you are aware of how to create a collage both manually and digitally, you can easily choose among the two techniques. Apart from this, there are some minute differences in the types of collages you can create, depending on the material used, such as paper collage, paint collage, photo collage, wood collage and decoupage. Apart from the basic steps, learning how to create a collage also incorporates understanding the minute differences in each of the various types of collage making.

Types of Collages

Now before you can indulge in the art of collage making you need to decide on the type of collage you want to make. If you want to make a hand-made collage, all you need is a collection of items you want to incorporate in your collage, a base for your collage, scissors, glue and surely, a good idea for designing the collage. Select a base having a texture and color suited to the outline design of your collage. It is preferable if you draw the outline on your base with the aid of a pencil so that you can maintain the consistency. You can use paper from newspapers and magazines and it might be of any texture and color. Either use scissors to cut out pieces or newspaper clippings or tear pieces with your hand and paste them on the base to form an exquisite design.

To make a wood collage, collect various types of wood pieces and either color them according to your choice, or use them as is. It is advisable to take a considerable piece of wood or hard paper as your base. You will need strong glue to paste the wood pieces to your paper base or if you are using a wooden base, you will need to nail the wooden pieces to the base. Glass, on the other hand, is mainly used in decoupage to created a three dimensional effect. However, since there are no hard and fast rules to show your creativity in making collages, you can also combine all the different materials to create a composite collage.

If you are looking for a more uncomplicated way to express your creativity, you can opt for photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Wondershare Photo Collage Studio, Life Poster Maker, FotoFusion 3.0, PicArtia and PhotoVisi. With the aid of these software, you can create your collage very easily without the effort required to collect, cut and paste things. You can either use digital photos and pictures or scan existing pictures and save them on your computer. However, downloading good pictures from the internet is also a useful option, though confirm whether there are any copyright issues with using images from the internet.

After choosing a template for your collage, drag and drop the pictures and photos on the document. Use tools to shape the pictures according to your desire. You can blur the edges of the pictures or add a shadow effect and much more to your collage. It is important to adjust the resolution, use good quality paper and a decent printer to take a printout of your creation.

A digital collage is limited to the usage of pictures and photographs, or other digital items, whereas in manual collages apart from these, you can also use paper, wood, glass and other unused substances such as buttons, bottle caps, ribbons or anything you fancy.

Apart from this, you can search the internet for free templates, which will help you initially, to get an idea about the popular designs of today. You can also search for enthusiasts and professionals practicing collage making in your neighborhood, and get ideas from them on how to make your collage more innovative.

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