Hot Wheels Diecast

Mattel Toy Company manufactures metal diecast toys named Hot Wheels diecast. In the year 1958 the hot wheels diecast were introduced in the market that made a booming success.16 different cars are included in the original line of hot wheels diecast more commonly known as "Sweet Sixteen". These cars come in various makes and colors. They used to originally manufacture in United States and Hong Kong. Since 1972, all hot wheels cars are now being manufactured in Hong Kong.

In early years between 1968 and 1972, Hot wheels diecast used to have a valuable trademark i.e. red line emblazoned on each set of tires. The redline era of hot wheels was born out of this trademark. Keeping in view of the popular car models of the era the early redlines were patterned and they entrenched into the American culture. 9 out of 16 hot wheels diecast were replicas of the vehicles of that time. 7 other cars were designed like race and exhibit cars.

Hot wheels diecast are readily available in 1:64 scale sizes. Contemporary and fashionable editions of the 2.5-inch (6.4 cm) hot wheel diecast cars regularly smack in the market.

Red Line Hot Wheels:
The early Redline Hot Wheels had many other particular qualities like they had chrome styled hot rod kind of rims and the cars were painted in brash metallic colors named Spectaflame paint. In 1993, a 25th anniversary version of red line hot wheels was also released

Real Rider Hot Wheels:
Between 1981 and 1986 Mattel produced Real Rider Hot Wheels with feature like Goodyear rubber tires. In 1995, Mattel Company came up with release of a four-car series of Real Riders.

Blue Card Hot Wheels:
From 1989 to 1995 Mattel released Blue Card Hot Wheels. Its features include all blue-package and large white numbering in the lower right corner.

Treasure Hunt (TH) Hot Wheels:
Since1995, Mattel Company is successfully distributing Treasure Hunt (TH) Hot Wheels with slight variations and custom packaging.

First Edition (FE) Hot Wheels:
After 1998 a new series of Hot Wheels was manufactured known as First Edition (FE) Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels race cars:
Hot Wheels replicas of, Formula One (F1), and NHRA race cars etc are available in the market.

Monster Jam Hot Wheels:
Since 1990 till today Monster Jam Hot Wheels are replicas of crushing Monster Trucks.

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