Home Robots

Types of Robots which everyone can use are Home Robots. Many of these robots are not thought of as futuristic, and have been available for a long time. These robots perform cleaning tasks (vacuuming, floor washing, gutter sweeping, pool filtering or emptying the litter box) while others offer security and communication functions, education and entertainment. We may have forgotten to think of some of them as robots, which they are, indeed, if they have sensory and logic decision capabilities.

Home Robots have more recently become available that can haul objects from room to room. This can be a boon to anyone who is recuperating in bed, for example. Child care monitoring systems have improved with robotics. Some systems feature moving camera surveillance tied to cell phone videos. Home Robots have the capacity for enhanced security and hazard detection, pest control and even plant watering.

Home Robots in the future are more likely to consist of individual devises like these, than the R2D2 image we might wish for. Cost will be the main consideration for most people. Of course, if companionship is an important desired feature, there are some on the market for those who can afford them. Nuvo by ZMP Inc.,Tokoyo is a little dog-like friend that can be of help around the home, for about $6000. Honda has developed Asimo, considered to be the world's finest humanoid robot. It has been touring college campuses and technology fairs, and may be seen by the public from time to time. It is not for sale at your local Honda dealer, unfortunately.

Home Robots of all types and prices are featured online. RobotAdvice.com is a good resource. There you will be able to find intriguing high-tech gadgets from around $100 to over $40,000. One interesting product is a high powered computer and robotics platform that allows you to customize your own machine using standard PC parts. It sells for about $5000.

Home Robots will make our lives easier and more pleasant in the future. By doing chores for you and entertaining you, they are certainly among the most desired robots.

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