Home Improvement Show

Home improvement shows on TV are a great way to pick up useful tips about home improvement every week, or in some cases every day. Or if you are just looking for a good laugh, then Home Improvement is also a comedy show, featuring Tim Allen as the host of a home improvement show. But for more serious information on home improvement, you have a host of home improvement shows to pick from.

What Home Improvement Show can you watch on TV?

Take Home Handyman, a show featuring Andrew DanJumbo, a carpenter, is great for people looking to pick up tips about tools, and how to buy them. Andrew explains the basics of power tools, and also helps you shop for them. He also gives you handy tips and shortcuts on how to get work done faster, around the house. Dream House is another home improvement show, which though not strictly about home improvement, gives you great ideas for your own home. It deals with individuals who want to set up unique homes in unconventional terrain, and follows them through the entire process of setting up their dream home. An entertaining watch, the show gives you ideas on how to make your far-fetched home improvement dreams come true.

What's with that house? is the perfect show for people who drive by peculiar houses and have often wanted to take a quick peek inside. This show does exactly that, where the host goes about exploring such unique houses. Though not heavy on handy DIY tips, it is a great show to get a fresh perspective on interior or exterior design.

A popular show, watched by millions across the globe is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. As Ty Pennington brings new hope to deserving families, this show is an inspiration in many ways. Even though you might not be able to replicate the mini-mansions they create on the show, it is still worth a watch. For all the girl power believers out there, Toolbelt Diva is an ideal show. Norma Vally, the self-proclaimed Toolbelt Diva does everything from putting in a new floor to rebuilding walkways, and she takes you through the entire thing, complete with instructions and handy tips. A must watch for all the female DIY enthusiasts.

Some other great home improvement shows include, Designed to Sell, which showcases makeovers, sometimes under $ 2000, FreeStyle, which gives makeovers for free, This Old House, for lovers of Classic homes, Divine Design and Trading Spaces. These are just a few examples, surf your TV guide and experiment with a variety of shows to find the right home improvement show for you.

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