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At hobby.net.au you can search for a hobby or tell us about your hobbies or get some information about a huge range of hobbies. We have articles about interesting pastimes that you can bring into your life - some you may never have heard of! - and other more well-known like: RC Models - radio-controlled Models. And we hope to provide some useful information about your hobby.

Or maybe you have already found something you love and are enthusiastic about and you want to tell the world and/or find others to discuss it with and swap tips. So contact and write to us at info@hobby.net.au

Some people develop their passion into little businesses. We can help publicise it for you on our site.This of course Free of Charge!

We have just added the Hobby Businesses, Hobby Classifieds and Hobby Events. There are already lots of businesses listed - check it out! So, please start adding your business, classifieds and events! Just go to the login page and register.

There are heaps of hobbies for whom you don't need lots of money. You can find activities who can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skills; together with friends or family or on your own.

Maybe you want to get fit, or meet new people, or have given up smoking and want something to take your mind off it! This site is a good place to start.

If you have questions about your hobby then send them here as we are just starting up a forum. This is also the place to send any images about the hobby you are proud of, or tasty recipes you love - see our Chocolate Cake.

And if you own a business or website that's related to any hobbies, you can promote it through hobby.net.au! Simlpy send us an article about the hobby your business is related to and we publish it and put a direct link to your website at the top of the article. Please, check out Tony Stott's article about RC Aerial Photography!!! And of course this is all free of charge!!!!!

Write to us at info@hobby.net.au

Hope you have fun with our site, good luck, and let us know what you like or dislike.

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