Football Display Cases

Football display cases are use to store and show-off your prized football to your friends and family. Like most other display cases, football display cases also perform the same task of keeping your collectible football safe against external weather and temperature problems that may damage your football. Ideal of housing that signed collectible football, football display cases are just what you need to give your football memorabilia a touch of class.

Signed football memorabilia is extremely popular amongst all collectors, not just for the interest they generate amongst family, friends and others, but also for their value, which constantly rises with time. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that your football memorabilia remains safe and undamaged. What better way to ensure this than a great football display case.

A football display case allows you to display your prized possession, to others, without any fear of damage or destruction. These cases are usually made of plastic, acrylic, glass and other exotic materials such as fiberglass, wood, or a combination of these materials where cases with wooden lining have glass viewing panes or so.

The normal football display cases are a combination of wood and glass or wood and acrylic wherein the base is made of wood while the remaining 5 sides are made of either glass or acrylic, depending on what you prefer. While acrylic is lighter, cheaper and quite transparent, glass is always the best option as it is the clearest that you can get. However, glass is heavy and can be a bit expensive although its effect is by far better than all other forms.

You can choose to have trimmings in wood or metal, for your football display case and depending on the kind of wood or metal being used, these can really add beauty to your case.

There are times when you may decide that you would like your collectible football to hang off the wall rather than sit on a table. In such cases, you can get a complete acrylic or glass football display case which can either be suspended from the ceiling or simply placed on a wall stand that allows the case to sit pretty along the wall.

Such football display cases allow you to display the football such that it can be seen from all directions without hindrance. In such cases, a pure acrylic football display case is the best bet as the light weight doesn't put any strain on the wall or suspension chord, while keeping your football safe and in 360 degree view.

Collecting footballs and football memorabilia is an extremely passionate hobby and passion is a great description of the emotion it evokes in hobbyists. In such cases, it is extremely important that your football remains in mint condition and you get the right football display cases to portray your collectibles in the best light.

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