Fandom - Fictional Masterpiece!?

Fandom is an alternative universe for fans, and when expanded to Fan Domain, it refers to all the fans and their different activities. Now this could include, the alternate universe consisting of fans of a fictional genre and their fan clubs, conventions, or even amateur magazines of fanzines. And up until the early 1930s this list included, dating as well. Back in those times, science fiction took off to becoming one of the first fandom with its very own clubs. Comic books fandom and rock music fandom were soon to follow and grew into separate entities. Sometime, fandoms grow out of fandoms. For example, the Star Trek fandom was initially a part of science fiction fandom but grew out of it to become its own big thing.

Fandom in this crazy, Internet age has expanded further to include a domain on the Internet where fanfiction writers, artists, poets, players and just simply fans, converge to celebrate their favorite fictional masterpiece. These domains are quite big and include forums, fanfics, fanart, message boards and livejournal communities. Not surprisingly, the Harry Potter fandom has the most diverse fans including 8 year olds to thirty year olds.

A fandom is not necessarily regarding a piece of work, it could be any common idea which brings all the fans together, like a hobby, fashion or anything else. The little, or large, fandom universe consists of all sorts of things that fans think are an ode to whatever it is they adore the most. Spending a lot of time and effort into discussions and debates on even minor details of their object of obsession, is what makes fans within a fandom different from other fans.

Most fandoms, such as the ones for Star Trek, or other popular series hold conventions or take out fanzines, to better express their love for the thing in question. In fandom community forums, fans often post fan fiction such as canon, fanon, or even original music created by them. If you have a keen interest in any hobby, sport, a celebrity, a piece of work or anything else, then a fandom is the ideal place for you to interact with the likeminded.

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