Family Tree

Use the Internet to research your Family Tree!

If you are planning to research and produce your own family tree, do yourself a favour and undertake some original research on the Internet to see what different configurations are possible. The possibilities are endless. Better still, you can have a lot of fun producing a genuine family tree (for your own genealogical family) and also produce an attractive family tree document or drawing that you can hang on your wall for generations to hand down. This is something that you can be really proud of.

There are quite a lot of resources on the Internet today that will help you to trace your personal genealogy. But nothing beats going into birth, marriage and death records yourself to find out where you came from - and exactly who you are related to.

What you need to know to produce and create a family tree is who your ancestors were and who your descendants are. Regardless of your age you WILL have ancestors. You may not have any descendants yet though. But, if you have brothers and sisters who have descendants, these people will also be part of your tree. Don't ever forget this.

Many of the Internet programmes on the web today offer searches for ancestors. The problem is that if others in your line haven't input their information, you will be going nowhere fast. So that means - you guessed it - back to those birth, marriage and death records! Or you can sign up with free web sites and post your queries. Maybe one of your family members will surface. It happens all the time.

The other way to start drawing up family trees is to talk to all your living relatives that you know, including your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, if they are still alive. But don't limit your research to these people. Also talk to friends who knew deceased family members as well. And try to uncover documents, like letters and diaries that might reveal facts you aren't aware of.

A good tree will not only be accurate, but it will also look attractive. So try to combine your research skills with your creativity when you produce your own family tree.

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