Egg Tawa Curry Or Pan-fried Egg Curry

In the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, there is a distinct taste and style of cooking food - a taste that is attributed to the kind of masala or chilli used in the cooking process. The state is the largest producer of rice and red chillies in the country and it shows in the liberal way they use both in their food. Egg Tawa Curry is quite similar in that regards, wherein it contains a heavy load of red chillies and is served with white rice. However, the key difference in this dish, as compared to other protein based dishes, is the way you use the eggs.

Ingredients required for Egg Tawa Curry or Pan-Fried Egg Curry

Here is a list of the ingredients you need to get started:

- Eggs - 2
- Tomatoes - 1
- Onions - 1
- Green Chillies - 1 & 1/2
- Ginger Paste - 1 Teaspoon
- Garlic Paste - 1 Teaspoon
- Garam Masala Powder - 1 Teaspoon
- Red Chilli Powder - 1 Teaspoon
- Turmeric Powder - a Pinch
- Salt
- Oil

Preparing the Ingredients for cooking Egg Tawa Curry or Pan-Fried Egg Curry

There aren't too many things you need to do to prepare the ingredients for cooking, unless you want to make Egg Tawa Curry with boiled eggs instead of making thick egg-based gravy. We'll show you how to do both so you can choose either way based on your time-constraints or preferences.

- Chop the green chillies onions and tomatoes
- Hard boil the eggs if you prefer cooking the Egg Tawa Curry with boiled-eggs or simply break open the eggs and whisk them

Let's start cooking our Egg Tawa Curry or Pan-Fried Egg Curry

Irrespective of which cooking technique you choose, the way of making the base-curry remains exactly the same. The only difference is the time you need to continue cooking for after the eggs have been added to the dish.

- In a pan, heat some oil and add the onions
- Then add the salt, ginger paste and garlic paste and let the onions turn translucent
- Add the Garam Masala and turmeric powder and stir, before finally adding the chopped green chillies and the red chilli powder
- Add the tomatoes and cook until they are soft and tender
- Add about three or four teaspoons of water and add the eggs, boiled or whisked, to the pan
- If you are adding boiled eggs, cut them in half, lengthwise, before placing them in the pan and baste them gently with the curry - be careful not to break their structure - and cook for just 30 -seconds to a minute or until the curry has been reduced to the consistency you prefer
- If you are adding whisked eggs, then stir constantly, much like making scrambled eggs, and cook until the curry reduces to your preferred consistency
- Serve on a bed of white rice

This is one of those dishes where the taste, once again, varies from person to person. If you are not a big fan of chillies, consider getting rid of some and lowering the heat-rating of your dish. If you love a hot-dish, add some more. Basically, the key element behind cooking Egg Tawa Curry is the heat of the dish and the manner in which the eggs are added. Some people even like crumbling hard boiled eggs and adding it to the curry - this makes the curry even thicker than when you add whisked eggs to the pan.

Basically, it is all about personal preference and ensuring that you enjoy the process of cooking Egg Tawa Curry, above all else!

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