Easy Origami

Most people look at Origami models and think that it is extremely difficult to do something like that. However, the fact is that Origami can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Origami designs, easy sculptures to be precise, are available in the thousands out there and are the best place to start your new hobby from. Here's a look at some simple and easy Origami designs that you can try your hand at before jumping into the deep end.

The Dog Face

Take a square piece of Origami paper and fold it in half along the diagonal. Fold the resulting triangle in half and open the fold to leave a crease behind. Take the (longer side) base of the triangle and fold the vertices (or points) in but don't let them meet at the crease that runs through the middle of that triangle - keep them wide apart from each other - this will form the ears of the dog.

Take the remaining vertex or point on the original triangle and just fold it a bit. There should be two layers of paper here so make sure you fold them both and you will end up creating the dog's mouth. Paint in the eyes and the mouth and you will have the perfect, and easy, Origami dog in front of you!

The Whale

To make something so big with something as small as square Origami paper, begin by folding the paper, along a diagonal, by half. Then open up the paper and you will see a crease left behind along the middle of the original square. Take the perpendicularly opposite vertices of the paper and fold them in to lay out their edges along that central crease. The two converging edges will touch each other perfectly.

Fold the top, remaining, point of the original square to make the vertex touch the point where the two recently folded vertices meet. Now, fold the paper in half, once again, along the crease you had originally made to divide the entire square in two. The paper will, now, have a pointed-end and a blunt end. On the pointed-end, pull out the paper close to the edge and make a hood fold. The hood fold becomes the tail for your little easy Origami whale and all you need to do now is paint or stick on the eyes!

The Yacht

One of the easiest Origami designs that you can ever think of, the yacht is something that you need to start off with if it's your first attempt at the art of Origami. There isn't anything easier to make than this yacht, and in just four steps, you can make yourself a fantastic little paper boat.

All you need to do is fold the paper in half along one of the diagonals. On the resulting triangle, take the top layer-vertex from the open-side of the triangle and fold it back to meet the longer side, while lining up its edge with the longer edge of the base of the triangle. Fold up the base of the side visible to you in an angular line, creating a hull-like structure to complete the yacht.

A Tulip

Sometimes, a paper sculpture may seem quite complicated but when you get down to making it, you will realise that in essence, Origami is easy. The tulip is something that is made with two separate sheets of paper and despite the complicated appearance, is nothing but a simple shape that anyone, with a tiny bit of effort, can make.

You start by folding a square piece of Origami paper in half, along the diagonal, to make a triangle. Then you rotate the triangle so that the longest side is at the bottom, and then you fold the left and right vertices in, from the centre of the base of the triangle. First fold one side (say right) and make sure that the right vertex goes beyond the left edge of the triangle, thereby sticking out of the side. Then, do the same to the other vertex. Once you complete these two steps, you will need to make a small fold at the bottom of the shape to the back, which was originally the centre of the triangle's base. That completes the flower-part of your tulip.

The next thing you need to make is the stem and it starts off in the same way as the flower, where you fold in the square along the diagonal to make a triangle. That's where the similarity ends because you need to open the triangle and use the crease that has been created. Now, fold in the vertices that are perpendicular to the crease to make a kite base and, then, fold the kite base in half, along the previously formed crease. Finally, fold the bottom vertex of the folded kite base and keep the shorter side-vertex aligned with the edge of the kite base. That creates your stem and if you combine the two sculptures, you get the tulip with a stem at the end.

Making Origami easy is what detailed instructions are meant for and as long as you know the symbols and start off with easy designs, you should find this hobby right up your alley!

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