Doll House Plan

A doll house plan is a must for anyone interested in building a doll house. You can easily find any doll house plan from a number of sources such as the internet, local hobby or toy stores and books and magazines. Before you decide on a doll house plan you will need to be clear with the basics of building a doll house.

The best way to familiarize yourself with different styles of doll houses is to see as many as possible. Start by visiting museums, or exhibitions by famous artisans. If there aren't any near you, browse through the internet for doll house websites. Once you are familiar with doll houses and their different types and structures, you will need to learn about the different scales doll houses are available in.

Doll House Scales

Pick a comfortable scale to work with, the usual scales range between 1:6 and 1:24. or G scale. Browse through some basic doll house plans in that scale, and pick one which requires very minimal effort. You can move on to elaborate Victorian mansions after you have gained some experience.

Starting out with open doll house plans is a good way to learn for novice doll house makers. Woodstore is a popular manufacturer of open doll houses, and they provide plans as well. Apart from a doll house plan, you can eventually also move onto building gardens or streets from your own custom plans.

Purchasing a doll house plan from a manufacturer is a good idea for people who need very specific instructions. Novice doll house makers will find these particularly useful. Some popular manufacturers who create doll house plans are, Frank Martin, Joe's Plans, Houseworks and more. Some specific manufacturers by scale are, 1:12 doll house plans, The Hobbies Company, Dijon, The Woodcrafter, Forest Street Designs and J E Cavender Plans, 1:6 doll house plans, Frank Martin, U bild and Houseworks, 1:24 scale doll house plans, Dijon and Hobbies and finally G scale or 1:22.5 scale doll house plans, Garden Texture, Brewer Railroad Plans, Jig Stones, Sidestreet Bannerworks and Stoneworks.

Getting a Doll House Plan

Apart from these you can also acquire a doll house plan from several books, such the Housework line of plan books for doll houses of 1:12 scale and The Doll's House Shopkeeper, by Lionel and Ann Barnard.

Now even though a doll house plan may tell you in detail how to put all the pieces of the doll house together, you will still need to put in a lot of effort in cutting the pieces to the right size, and putting it all together with proper adhesives or nails, depending on the material. After all this you will need to paint and decorate your doll house. So a little experience with woodwork, will help you immensely while you follow your doll house plan.

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