Diy Concrete Design

DIY concrete design is twofold, incorporating the design of the concrete itself as well as whatever it is you are going to build using this DIY concrete design. Here we're going to talk about some of the creative aspects of DIY concrete design and give you some project ideas that you might like to use in your garden.

Perhaps the simplest idea is cast your concrete in the form of in situ pavers to form an interesting pathway. You might be thinking that this is impossible, since you you're working with a particularly mundane material. But if you think out of the box, you'll surprise yourself.

Here are some DIY Concrete Design Tips:

• Cast some of the slabs yourself and alternate them with precast slabs or cobbles.
• Leave gaps between the slabs and plant ground cover or low-growing herbs inbetween.
• Incorporate exposed aggregate (the sort you have used for the mix) or smaller precast units within the in situ slabs.
• Lay crushed stone or gravel between some of the units.
• When you have cast the mix, press shells or semi-precious stones into the surface to form a pattern.
• Above all, use your imagination.

When you cast the in situ mix, you will need some sort of formwork to keep it in place. Old scraps of wood are ideal, as long as the timber is clean and the pieces are long enough to form a mould the size that you require. Once it has begun to set and cure you can remove the wood, but don't walk on it for a few days.

Another idea that also involves formwork, is to cast your own steps in situ. Add a stain to the mortar that you use to plaster or render the finished structure and make grooves in the surface to prevent the steps from becoming slippery in rainy weather. The end result will be both safe and attractive.

Expand this idea and design seating on your patio, or planters that will add colour and texture and a lot of interest to your outdoor space. Or what about a fish pond? These can be made in a regular shape, using formwork, or you can dig into the ground and concrete the hole. The only thing you will need to remember is to plaster and then use something like a paint-on bitumen to seal your DIY concrete design.


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