Diy Bathroom Vanity

DIY bathroom vanity might sound more like something out of Grimms Fairy Tales (Snow White's ugly sisters' mirror mirror on the wall) than remodelling, but it's actually got more to do with built-in furniture in the bathroom. A vanity table is, of course, a style of dressing table much like the 1930s Dolly Varden. But a DIY bathroom vanity is really just a storage unit in a bathroom that incorporates a basin (or sink), usually with a mirror on the wall above. So if you are remodelling your bathroom, don't forget about the DIY bathroom vanity unit.

Vanity units in the bathroom don't only disguise unsightly pipes under the basin, but they also provide a good work surface on either side of the basin. They are manufactured with one or more doors or sliding panels, and some have drawers as well. They are made to fit the basin and bathroom space around it, so you can check very easily that the height and depth are right for the basin height, and convenient for the various people who will use the bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Materials

The most common materials used for vanity units are the same as those used for custom-made kitchens, and include both melamine and slightly more expensive formica. Both of these materials are laminates, which are factory-made, durable and easy-to-clean. Some bathroom vanities, however, are made from wood. As long as the wood is well sealed to protect it from any water that may splash or spill on it, it is just as suitable for this function as melamine or formica.

If your basin is on a pedestal, the pipes will be hidden anyway. If it is set in a cabinet of some sort, you won't see the pipes either, in which case you won't have any use for a bathroom vanity.

Another option is to construct a brick enclosure around the basin and then to top this with a hard-wearing surface of some kind, perhaps finished with tiles. If built imaginatively, you can include cupboards as well.

So you will see that the bathroom vanity, inspired by the old fashioned vanity table, has become a much used built-in item in the bathroom. Bear this in mind when planning your own DIY bathroom vanity.


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