Diy Bathroom Sink

DIY bathroom sink projects involve water. In fact any sink projects involve water, because a sink is a container that we use for water. Simple really! But because terminology differs, in many parts of the world, a DIY bathroom sink project would be called a basin project, because a bathroom sink is what a lot of people understand to be a basin. So let's be clear before we start, that a DIY bathroom sink is exactly the same as a basin.

DIY Bathroom Sink and Basin

Both sinks and basins are great because they enable us to catch and contain water. They also enable us to wash both ourselves (in the bathroom) and the food that we prepare to eat (in the kitchen). Usually these containers have a hole in them, with a plug that stops the water from running out - and allows the dirty water to escape. So once we've sorted out the water supply and installed taps that we can use to provide cold and hot running water, we can use any sort of basin to wash hands, clothes, or anything else we need to clean.

This type of DIY project might start with designing a house, or it might be related to a general home improvement project. Whichever is the case, it will help if you have some kind of plumbing experience. Otherwise you may need to pull in a qualified plumber to help you with the pipework and water connections. This might be a compulsory (or legal) step depending on what your local authority requires. So check their requirements before you get started.

The next question will be whether you need a hot as well as a cold water supply. How will you heat the water? Weigh up the advantages of solar versus gas or electricity to see what will work best for you in your own home environment. Then decide who is going to fit the fixtures and fittings. Who will sort out the pipework? If you can do all the work yourself there is no doubt that you will save a lot of money, but you do need to know what you are doing.

The very last question will be what will work best for your own DIY kitchen sink?


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