Diy Bathroom Faucet

Turn on the Tap - DIY Bathroom Faucet!

DIY bathroom faucet projects are American in nature, but only because faucet is an American word. In most other parts of the world a faucet is simply a tap. So if you're tackling a DIY bathroom faucet project, and you aren't an American, just switch on (or off) the tap. But chances are that the reason you are looking at the possibility a DIY bathroom faucet - or tap - project is because the tap has a washer that has given up the ghost!

Now let's get back to the water.

You will need a faucet or a tap to get (or tap) the water from the pipes. Usually a qualified plumber will sort out the initial layout of pipes and taps, purely because most countries require professional (and usually registered) plumbers to officially okay plumbing work before people can use any sort of official plumbing system. It's got a lot to do with safety. This means that faucets (taps) also need to be legal. One tap might look exactly the same as any other one to you, but you need to realise that there are many illegal taps that manufacturers try to sell where they shouldn't. If you use one of these illegal ones, you might well find that it deteriorates very rapidly. You might also find that it is made of a material that does not comply - and it could even be toxic (for example it might contain lead). So don't take any chances. Every single bathroom tap needs to be legal.

Tap washers also need to be legal. If your washer fails, be sure to replace it with a washer that is suited to and meant for that particular tap, and ensure that it is legal in terms of the materials it has been manufactured from. There are usually very clear guidelines on packaging supplied with parts.

Now let's turn on (or off) the tap. If there is anything wrong with yours, then you will be well on your way to a project that relates, very directly, to what might you might call a tap, but which is also very much a DIY bathroom faucet.


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