Digital Camera Reviews

Digital Camera Reviews are an important Decision Maker!

If you are buying a new digital camera, it is useful to read a digital camera reviews because they will give you some idea of what other people think of new models. You just need to be sure that the digital camera reviews you source are objective and not simply part of a publicity campaign by the manufacturer or distributor to get more people to buy particular models. So where are you likely to find objective digital camera reviews?

Photographic magazines are a good place to start. You will also find them on photographic sites on the Internet. But probably the most objective review you will ever get will be from someone you know who is using the model you are interested in buying.

The next question is what will a good review tell you?

Basically it should give you all the information about the model.

Then it should list all the key features of that model which will include things like:

• the size of the LCD monitor,
• the effective pixels,
• the maximum size JPEG it will produce,
• what memory is available,
• how many frames per second you can shoot continuously,
• shutter lag and shutter life,
• information about picture control image parameters,
• information about the built-in flash,
• the type of grip it has, and
• whether it has a video function and if so what quality this offers.

There should also be a useful comparison between the new model and previous models of this particularly make of camera. This is important because earlier models that are still in production will usually be considerably cheaper than a newly released model. So if there aren't huge differences, or if the new features are not particularly important to you, then you might decide to buy an older model instead.

Then there should be an easy-to-understand assessment of the new model that helps you to demystify any of the listed information. This should explain how new improvements or changes affect shooting and whether new features are in fact worth the extra cost.

Since different people have very varied opinions, it is also a good idea to read a number of different digital camera reviews.

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