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Crochet patterns are exclusively used to create crochet, which is a type of needlework created with the aid of special hooks and yarn or thread. Crochet patterns are useful in making a variety of items such as table mats, blankets, shawls, caps, dresses, bags and even jewellery. You can choose from a wide range of vintage and contemporary crochet patterns to include in your crochet.

Crochet became prevalent as an interesting form of needlework in Europe and America in the 19th century. With the increasing supply of cotton threads, crocheting became a popular hobby as well as an efficient source of income for women in this period. Also, various crochet patterns came into existence as new items were created using crochet.

As a beginner, you can obtain crochet patterns from books, magazines and the internet. Moreover, discussions on various crochet patterns with other enthusiasts will also prove helpful. Often, crochet patterns published in books, magazines and websites contain a list of requirements, an image of the finished crochet and specific instructions to follow in order to create that particular crochet pattern. The patterns, in most cases, are divided according to different levels of difficulty.

The two different styles of crocheting are old and contemporary patterns. You can choose to create a crochet using either of these patterns or create a unique pattern combining both the styles. To learn more about these styles you can buy crochet books, for the pattern of your choice, from a book store or from the internet. Crochet magazines are often available in craft or hobby stores and are well categorized according to different levels of difficulty or pattern category. You will not only find useful crochet patterns, but also lists of important crochet websites, email addresses of crochet professionals, and even venues and dates of crochet exhibitions in these magazines.

Although, materials needed for crocheting vary with different patterns, yet the basic requirements remain the same. Hooks made out of plastic, steel, aluminium and wood are one of the most important tools to make a crochet. You need to choose hooks depending on the design and the type of thread or yarn you are using. Plastic and aluminium hooks are preferred for synthetic materials, while steel hooks are known to work well with fine cotton and woollen threads, and if you are using heavy wool, wood hooks are the best choice. Next, thread or yarn comes in varieties of cotton, wool, synthetic and jute. You can use different materials and a variety of colour, according to your crochet pattern. Moreover, you will need a measuring tape, needle and scissors to measure, stitch and cut ends of your crochet, if necessary.

To learn more about crochet, search the internet for free crochet patterns, tutorials and books. You can also locate some good crochet pattern publishing companies and order their pattern books according to your level of competency. You can get hold of good crochet books such as "The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs: 500 Classic & Original Patterns" by Linda Schapper, to get an overview of different styles of crochet patterns. Search for hobby clubs practicing crochet making and if possible, enroll in their sessions to learn more about making different crochet patterns.

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