Collectible Cameras

Collectible cameras are fast becoming a popular collectors item, especially with digital cameras taking over the world, and film cameras going the way of the dodo. There exists a surprisingly large category of people who collect these relics from the past. Collectible cameras are a great deal more engaging than collectible coins or stamps because you can actually put these cameras to use. There is a certain thrill involved in looking at one's handiwork on a piece of (glossy or matte) paper rather than on a screen, an experience only provided by collectible cameras.

Though there is no clear cut date on when camera collection began as a hobby, people have inherited well maintained cameras in good working condition and probably started a collection. Also there has been a surge in collectors lately, which has something to do with manufacturers stopping production of conventional cameras, either due to the start of the digital age or because it was not profitable to make niche cameras that have a very limited audience. Nevertheless, the cost of certain collectible cameras is sure to put some amateurs in a tizzy. It is best for amateurs to join a club till they learn the intricacies of the trade and also to bond with their own kind.

Huge Number of collectible Cameras available!

The sheer number of types of collectible cameras is overwhelming at first, but the best advice for a beginner is to decide on what they want before going hunting. SLRs, TLRs and rangefinders are just a few types of cameras, each with different features and advantages. Joining a club is the best option for a beginner because of the world of opportunities it opens up. Most major cities have their own camera and photography clubs with monthly meets and challenges. Joining a club also helps beginners learn about the right places to buy collectible cameras.

While pursuing the hobby of collecting cameras, amateurs actually end up with another hobby - photography. So you just might gain two hobbies instead of one, when you begin collecting cameras.

There is a great satisfaction in learning the various technical aspects and terms used while starting a camera collection, additionally if we come across a really ancient camera we can learn something about the history of the world during that period, as cameras are inexorably tied up with history since their portability by Boyle and Hooke in the 16th century. A little bit of research and you will be all set to start you own collection of collectible cameras.

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