Canoe Sprinting - Flatwater Canoe Racing, Sprint Canoe

Because canoeing and kayaking are quite diverse water sports, they attract many potential new enthusiasts to the sport on a daily basis. Skills are varied too, some are completely new to canoeing and others have a wide skill set and an enthusiasm for pitting their wits against both competitors and the temperamental waters.

Canoe Sprinting also called Flatwater Canoe Racing appeals for a variety of reasons, the skill, strength and focus of white water canoeing is not required, although good solid basic canoeing skills are essential, enthusiasts become passionate about sprinting because it pits their speed against that of a competitor and also can be against the clock when training to improve speed. Such as any sprint athlete, canoe sprinters cut a fine form when racing against another enthusiast on a large expanse of water.

The activities take place on flat water and there are canoes designed specifically for Canoe Sprinting or Flatwater Canoe Racing so that they move quickly through the water in a straight line. These canoes are narrower than others and therefore more likely to capsize.

As with any canoeing, ease and confidence at being in the water is essential, as is understanding how to recover if the canoe capsizes. For many, this is the worst part of canoeing and can be quite intimidating in the early stages of development. Once fear of capsizing has been reduced or eliminated, then the canoeist can focus on learning all of the required new skills quite readily.

Competition events are for single, double and quadruple canoes and this again brings a new dynamic to the sport and distances for designated races tend to be from 200, 500 and 1000 metres and there are races of 6000 and 10,000.

From a fitness perspective, canoe sprinting is a wonderful way to get fit but it also couples this fitness aspect with new and exciting challenges for building up speed, strength, focus and manages to satisfy anyone who has a strong competitive streak.

The joy of any aspect of canoeing is that it can be enjoyed on an individual level or by family members as a sociable event. Clubs welcome new enthusiasts and always actively encourage and guide new members through the early stages of learning.

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