Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy - beautiful writing

A calligraphy set consists of all the basic tools required for practicing various forms of calligraphy. Calligraphy, meaning "beautiful writing" in Greek, came into prominence about 4000 years ago. Some popular forms of calligraphy are Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Indian and Western. These types of calligraphy differ in their origin, style of writing and calligraphy sets used. It is however worth mentioning that in spite of the difference, there lies a basic similarity in the calligraphy sets containing the tools used to create each of them.

If you aspire to become a successful calligrapher, it is very important for you to get some knowledge about a calligraphy set since this is one of the main ingredients for good calligraphy. You can easily get hold of a calligraphy set at your nearest stationary, or hobby store or in various online shopping websites.

Buy your Calligraphy Set according to the Type of Calligraphy

A calligraphy set must be chosen keeping in mind the type of calligraphy you wish to practice. The basic necessities of any form of calligraphy are paper, ink and either pen, pencil or brush. In Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, the tools include, "Four treasures of the study" which are paper, brush, inkstick and inkstone. A Chinese or Japanese calligraphy set will contain a set of brushes, an inkstick and an inkstone. The ink comes in the form of solid inksticks, which are made from oil soot and some glue - like substance. These inksticks sometimes come with beautiful designs painted on them. An inkstone is a piece of stone on which you pour water and then grind your inkstick against it to prepare ink. The inkstone in itself is considered a piece of art and often come in beautiful shapes and designs. An indispensable item in the calligraphy set is a variety of brushes prepared from animal hair. There are a number of brushes in the set to enable you to choose one based on your style of writing, slender or bold. Today, ink comes in liquid state filled in small bottles as well. Some calligraphy sets contain liquid ink bottles instead of inksticks or can contain both.

If you intend to practice Arabic calligraphy, you can have a calligraphy set with pen or pencil and ink. The pen or pencil usually is flat, which needs to be cut at an angle of 35-40 degrees before starting. Pencil can either be the ordinary or carpenter - made variety. Indian style of calligraphy usually employs pens with a copper nib. It is very important to use the right type of nib of a calligraphy pen, to get the right look.

Apart from purchasing the calligraphy set, you also need to keep the tools in the best of shape at all times. The brushes must be cleaned properly after use otherwise the ink remaining on them may dry and roughen them. The nibs of the pens should be removed and dipped in clean water to remove the dry ink on them. The inksticks are slender and care should be taken while handling them.

Two prominent makes of calligraphy sets are Scheaffer and Parker. These calligraphy sets come in various prices. Depending on your budget and the form of calligraphy you wish to pursue, be sure to check through all your options before buying your first calligraphy set.

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