Brooches In Jewellery Making

Brooches in jewellery making are part of a very old tradition of creating lovely little bezels that are either completed by adding stones to them or simply used with some amazing designs. There are many different kinds of brooches in jewellery making and depending on which era you look into and what your interests are, you will find something that fits your taste and style. There are many different ways of making brooches and below are some of the most common and age-old practices that are involved in creating these wonderful little pieces of time-less jewellery.

Soldering Bezels in Brooches

Bezels are an important component in brooches, in jewellery making, and they are the main element that allows stones to be placed into the brooch. Every brooch has a bezel if there is a stone involved in the design process and putting that bezel in place is about soldering it into place. To solder a metal bezel together, for a brooch, you need borax slate. A small piece of borum junk, a soft hair brush and a piece of silver solder that will go onto the bezel! You start by putting a little bit of water on your borax slate. This water is used to dissolve the borum junk on the slate itself, ensuring that the solution becomes milky.

The cleaner you keep your borax, the better your final results will be and the more you will enjoy soldering bezels into brooches in jewellery making. Then, you take your bezel and the iron wire, and wind your wire around the bezel. The next thing you need to do is use the brush to coat the parts of your bezel-wire combination with borax. This is where you need to be careful about over-coating your bezel and also about making sure that the bezel is coated evenly.

To ensure that your soldering job is carried out perfectly, these are two elements that you just cannot mess around with. This will also ensure that you get a good quality solder on your final piece.

Putting on the Solder

Making sure that the solder is cut in the most efficient and effective manner is very important, whether you are working professionally or as part of a hobby. You start by scraping the sheet of solder on both sides, exactly where you are going to cut it. Then you need to make short and parallel cuts along the length. Finally, you can start cutting off the solder at right angles to the cuts already made. You need to keep repeating this process until you get the total amount of solder you need for the process.

Then, you drop these pieces into the borax solution and give them a coating as well. This makes sure that there is no grease or foreign substance on these solders. Use your soldering iron and the little piece of solder to start putting the solder and fix up the bezel. That is one of the most important things because after you complete this process, you don't need to worry about the setting anymore and that wire around your bezel can come off. With that, you complete the process of cleaning and pickling your bezel to make sure that everything is ready for you to head into start making brooches in jewellery making.

Adding Bezels to Brooches

Once you have your bezel ready and working for you, you need to start putting it into the brooch and for that, the process begins by pickling the bezel. The pickle is a solution of 1:15 sulphuric acid : water, which is heated before the bezel is dipped into it. Once the bezel is placed into the pickling solution, it is returned to the heat where the pickling solution is heated until it starts boiling. Once the liquid starts boiling, you pull it off the heat take out the bezel and let it cool down before cleaning it under clean water. Then, you dry it out thoroughly before starting the process of putting everything together and completing your jewellery.

For brooches in jewellery making, stones are an important part of the process and if you want your to add one to your brooch as well, start by taking the bezel and removing all extra solder there is, on the inside and outside, before tapping it slowly to prevent it from stretching. This tapping process, with a wooden or leather mallet, is also used when the bezel is slightly smaller than the stone that needs to be placed in it. Now that you have got the bezel to the size you want, you can start soldering it to your brooch. Place the bezel in the brooch, right in the spot where you want it, and mark out the spot.

Then, put some borax on the edge of the bezel, and then place the solder onto the place before using your soldering iron to fix everything into their slots. After the joint has formed, you let the brooch cool down and take off the wire that was wrapped around the bezel and start pickling it just as you did with the bezel.

Brooches, in jewellery making, are one of the most fun and interesting things to make. They give you a lot of choice in terms of what you can do with the design and the fact that you can add stones to it is also another element that adds a whole new dimension to your piece.

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