Brewing Wine At Home

Even though brewing wine at home might not produce wine befitting connoisseurs at the first go, with time and experience you can get quite close. There are many kinds of wine which you can create at home, deciding on the type is easy, pick a fruit you like, or which is in season. This fruit will decide the main flavor of your wine so choose wisely. If this is your first time brewing wine at home then grapes are the easiest ingredient to use, as they do not require extra sweetening and are thus ideal for beginners. The entire process of brewing wine at home can take anywhere from 10-15 days, to several months, depending on how long you want to give your wine to mature.

The practice of wine making is very ancient and dates back to as far into history as 6000 BC. A prominent part of the Mesopotamian culture, wine making was also prevalent with ancient Egyptians. In fact even though the Egyptians were not the first civilization to practice wine making, they were the first ones to document the process. Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, all were known for their use of wine. It was during the Roman reign that wine became available to the common man, and soon wine making was being learnt by everyone. The Church has also been a keen promoter, with monasteries producing some of the best wines known to the world.

The Basics of Brewing Wine at Home

Brewing wine at home is simple if you know the basics involved. The main ingredients required for the process are yeast, sugars and the flavor of your choice. The flavor of the wine is the most varied, with many wine makers mixing unconventional combinations of herbs and spices and fruits to create some intoxicating wines. Before you start to experiment with flavors, stick to the basic type and learn the brewing process first.

The basic equipment which is requires for brewing wine at home includes, a one gallon brewing container, an airlock for this container, a glass fermenter, glass because the wine will be kept in this container for many days and a plastic container might leave an unwanted aftertaste. Anything else can be compensated with something from your own kitchen, but a visit to a home brewing store should set you up.

After you have all the equipment, we begin the process of brewing wine at home. It is quite simple, and before you begin it is extremely important that you sanitize your equipment as well the work area. Then boil the water, let it cool a bit. Add two cups of sugar to the water. After this step you need prepare the yeast. For that you need to ensure the water is just the right temperature for the yeast to ferment, add the juice to the water and put an airlock onto the container. Now put the container aside in a cool, dark place, you should be able to hear it bubble, though eventually this will stop so don't panic when you can't hear it bubbling anymore. After this step the choice is completely yours as to how long you want it to ferment. The longer you leave the wine in, the stronger it becomes. The wine should be ready when it suddenly becomes clear from its initial cloudy form and that is when you know that your experiment of brewing wine at home was a success.

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