Bbq Recipe Fish Braai

South African BBQ recipe for a fish braai
While the average South Africa BBQ recipe features meat, there are a growing number of locals who would much prefer to cook fish on their outdoor fires. For this reason you will find that a South African BBQ recipe may not include meat at all. Some of the best only include fish, as this South African BBQ recipe illustrates.

The type of fish used for a traditional South African fish braai will depend on what is available. But for authenticity it should be fresh. This is a very simple recipe and you can use pretty well any fresh fish. But the best (according to this South African braai lover) is yellowtail, a common line fish in the Cape, which has a tasty, very firm flesh. It is reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.


Yellowtail or another firm, white fish weighing about 1,5 kg
6 large cloves of garlic, 2 cut into slivers to stick into the fish, and the other 4 crushed for the baste
5 tablespoons olive oil
½ cup dry white wine
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
freshly ground black pepper (add as much as you like)
1 teaspoon brown sugar

Make a series of shallow cuts into the fish and insert the slivers of garlic. Then mix all remaining ingredients together for the baste mix.

The best way to cook a large fish like yellowtail is to use a hinged grid. Bring the coals up to a fairly low temperature and cook for about 20 minutes, basting often with the olive oil and wine mixture. You can use an ordinary paintbrush or a basting brush to do this.

Use a skewer to test whether the fish is done. It should be flaky but firm.

To serve
Generally yellowtail is served with the skin on, but this doesn't mean you have to eat it.

Serve with small boiled baby potatoes and a nice fresh salad.

In fact anything goes with this delicious South African BBQ recipe.

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