Art Glass Collectibles

Art glass collectibles have formed the center of one of the oldest and most fulfilling hobbies to have ever existed. The lovely liquid shapes, transparence and the fluid motion of colours are just some of the factors which make art glass collectibles so popular.  Being an art form, constant innovation and unbound creativity make art glass collectibles ageless, another attractive feature of this hobby.

The practice of glass making dates back to several thousands of years, going back to the 1100's. Right from the beginning there have many styles of art glass, which include etched, engraved, stained, Murano, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Cut glass, Tiffany and so on. Another basis of differentiation is origin, which include American, Belgian, Bohemian, Burmese, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Italian, French, Finnish, Venetian, etc. Apart from this, the kind of glass materials used, Transparent, opalescent, vitreous, blown glass, cast glass or pressed glass, is another parameter for differentiating between pieces.

So before you begin collecting, you need to decide which of these categories you want to collect. You can choose from vases, drinking glasses, chandeliers, centre pieces, figurines, bowls, abstract art glass sculptures and even art glass jewelry.

How to get a feel about Art Glass Collectibles

If all this sounds a tad bit confusing then the best way to start art glass collecting is by visiting a few exhibitions first. Another helpful tool is the Internet, where you can look for history and origins of the various styles of art glass creation, the best deals available both on the internet and in the real world as well as tips on maintenance and care. Antique shops, galleries, exhibitions of modern artists, online stores, previous owners you may come into contact from art glass collectibles groups, are just some of the places where you can get mind blowing deals.

Remember that the most important thing is to ensure the item you buy has been correctly identified and comes with a certificate stating its date of production, quality and authenticity. Some other parameters you need to keep in mind include reputation of seller, get as much feedback about the kind of service provided, as possible and never buy anything from the first store you visit.

Lastly study all the parameters which will help you value an art glass collectible, to ensure you are not being conned. Due to their fragile nature, art glass collectibles require a lot of careful maintenance. Regarding cleaning, most art glass collectibles can be cleaned with non abrasive cleanser and water, unless instructed otherwise. Other methods of cleaning include wiping with a non abrasive cloth or dusting with a soft brush. Wash or clean them in a sink or large bowl to minimize any dropping incidents. You might also consider constructing a display case to display your lovely art glass collectibles.

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