Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is an extremely popular collector's item, valued for not just monetary benefit but also for value they bring to a collectors home. In fact, most collectors do not collect antique furniture for monetary benefit, but simply to do up their homes. There are many types of antique furniture that you can choose from, which includes dressing tables, beds, chandeliers, cabinets, mirrors, dining tables and much more.

Like any other collector item, antique furniture also needs to be valued on several parameters. Educating yourself on these is highly essential to become a successful collector, and also to avoid being scammed. But before you start reading up about the different valuation parameters, you will need to decide what category of antique furniture you want to collect. Now whether you decide to collect an eclectic mix of antique furniture, or furniture from different categories such as style, era or make, you need to do a lot of research about each. One aspect to watch out for is the detailing on the piece, as the more complex it is; the more valuable the furniture is.

Popular anitque Furniture

Some of the more popular forms of antique furniture that are prized by collectors include, antique beds which once belonged to kings or queens, antique dressing tables or even center tables and mostly chandeliers. Sticking to a particular era will increase the value of your collection immensely, not to mention the uniformly stunning look it will give your home.

After you have decided on the category and have enough research under your belt, you need to find out where you can the best deals for antique furniture. Now it is not necessary that priceless pieces can only be bought from big stores, but in fact, many treasures have been discovered in yard sales or garage sales. So do not rule out anything, and try and visit as many antique stores, flea markets and yard and garage sales as possible. Most people give away extraordinary pieces of antique furniture without realizing its value, as collectors you should make it a point to get as many such deals as possible. Attending auctions is another must, as not only can you find good bargains here, you can also learn a lot from experienced bidders, who might even give you a tip or two.

Apart from selecting and buying antique furniture, you also need to be aware of maintenance and care. Some pieces might also require extensive restoration, in which case you should hire professionals if you are unsure of your restoration skills, this can save you a lot of time, effort and money. Now that you know all the basics of collecting antique furniture, start your collection right away.

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