Animals have been kept as pets, by human beings, since the dawn of time as we know it. From living in caves to moving into massive apartment buildings, the only thing that has remained constant is our love and need for animals as pets. With a wider variety of animals being domesticated or kept as pets today, this hobby has take a whole new angle in the modern world.

From cats and dogs to snakes and spiders, the modern-day pet is a case of being any animal that we can keep, safely, without putting our lives or theirs, in jeopardy. So don't be surprised if you find some unusual animals around you that can become fantastic pets for your home and family.

The Pet-Concept

How humans have come to be associated with animals, as pets, is not crystal clear but there is a lot of evidence of wolves turning into dogs, over time, by "hanging around" human settlements. Over 10,000 years ago, when humans roamed the planet bare-feet and lived in caves, they would eat and throw the remains of the food, around their camp. It is believed that wolves found this an easy way of providing for their young.

As a result, wolves starting hanging around and some of those species, and their descendants, no longer needed all their hunting skills thanks to this new-found source of food. Eventually, they must have grown closer and soon, humans and dogs were hunting together, for food that they shared. While that may be the concept on which animals, as pets, became a part of human life, it surely isn't the same today.

Today, a pet is more of a companion for a child or source of joy or happiness for many families. For some, it fills a void in their life while for others, it gives their life a whole new meaning. In fact, pets are so dear to human beings that they end up being treated like children.

What Kind of Pets?

To say that only a particular kind of animal can be a pet is, in the modern world, quite an ineffectual statement. There are laws that ban us from owning certain kinds of animals as pets, while other laws require us to obtain specific licenses for those animals. In times as early as 3,500 BC, Egyptians were known to keep wild cats as pets, especially in the case of Pharaohs.

Romans were known to keep horses and cats as pets, rather than just keeping horses as working animals, which is what most tribes in the world were known for. Cats, surprisingly enough, were known as working animals too, considering their usefulness in controlling vermin.

Fish have also been a popular source of fulfilling the pet-need, and one that requires relatively lesser maintenance. The feed is pre-made while care is minimal and for the rest of the time, you don't have to worry about them at all. Small animals, such as squirrels, chipmunks, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and more are regularly kept as pets while those with a fascination for birds have a massive variety to choose from.

The Responsibility Aspect

Most people tend to bring up children with animals, as pets, around them. The idea of keeping and caring for a pet lends a sense of responsibility to the child, helping them understand a lot more about how to deal with life. Animals fancy a good time themselves so in order for them to become a good companion, they need to be taken care of as well.

That means, you need to take care of animal grooming needs as well as any other form of cleanliness routines, like baths, aquarium cleaning, and more. Even if you are involved in something like Beekeeping or Apiculture, wherein you keep bees as working animals, more than pets, you still need to take care of your animals. In fact, if you are keeping animals for work, then you need to take extra care of them so that they are more efficient when helping you earn a living.

We tend to underestimate the essence of animals in our lives. Human beings are not meant to inhabit this planet alone and as long as we learn to love our coexistence with these creatures, we will be happier. Pets can be an incredible gift to someone, a child or an adult, and they can come in and change your lives. From taking care of them, giving them exercise or just enjoying the company, humans have come a long way in loving and living with animals as pets.

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