Adromancy - Alomancy

Adromancy or Alomancy

They are words taken from the Greek words “Halo” and “manteia”, meaning “salt” and “divination” respectively. Adromancy, apart from alomancy, is also known as Ydromancie, halomancy and idromancie. The process can be done in three ways, choose the one you are most comfortable with to make the predictions.

First is an antediluvian divination, in which the diviner hurls the crystals of salt in the air and makes predictions by studying the pattern the salt makes as it descends to the ground or even how it is blown away due to the effect of the wind.

After this variation, the second technique is where the diviner is required to allow the salt solution present in the bowl to evaporate. Various motifs are formed by the salt residue, which is then studied to interpret and answer the queries asked.

Lastly the diviner can also make predictions by studying the pattern of the flame when salt is hurled into the fire. Analysis is done on the basis of color, speed and direction of the flame. Prediction by this method is a type of pyromancy, which is its alternative form. This variation requires a little more insight and concentration as compared to the first two methods, and should be tried only after a bit of research and study.

All over the world, since ancient times, salt is known to possess magical properties. It has wide applications in various customs of purification, blessings and also as a protection from bad omen. Many diviners used to throw a pinch of salt in every corner of the room before performing any rituals. Similarly divination using salt dates back to ancient periods. Salt is believed to be a precursor of happy times leaving behind bad luck. It is believed that salt and luck go hand in hand and also that when salt is accidentally spilt it invites misfortune and one can remedy the situation and reclaim good luck by throwing salt over his or her left shoulder.

According to a tradition in Scotland protective salt is cast into the fire by all the members of the family, thus divining their futures as the salt sparkles and pops in the fire.

Adromancy, though not a definitive technique is a good way to make some fun predictions, and you might even make some startling revelations on the way.

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