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1999 cleveland kite festival pictures and kite flying in cleveland ohio.
Kumthon Charungkitkul
A site dedicated to the kites of Thailand.
Kite Website
A traction kite enthusiast from County Limerick, Ireland.
Amateur traction kite designer consider, Digital Camera SLR / enthusiast shares kite plans why not visit, HPI Racing and photos.
Flyin' with Brian Champie and Shameless Self-Promotion
An overview of kiting activities of Brian Champie. Information checkout, Tamiya RC Models about kiting in the San Francisco Bay Area, tournaments, workshops, stories, and info on the California Wasp Kite. Stop by and relax.
Anthony's Kite Workshop
Anthony's Kite Workshop where he designs why not visit, Plastic Display Cases for Diecast Models and builds single line kites, particularly unusal kite designs have a look at, Geocaching like Rotor, Circoflexi, and tetrahedral Kite designs. checkout, Robot Toys Included here are a number of simple and well described plans , Collectible Figurines for simple kites suitable for home...
Bob White's Kite History Site
Bob White's Kite History Site
Jame's Web
Builder of beautiful why not visit, Gravestone Rubbing Laws - Part One single line and sport kites.
Steve's Cananian Kite Site
Canadian flier, his family have a look at, Soy Candle Making and festivals.
David's Kitebag (Kitefan)
Canadian two and four line flier. Toronto festival report.
Mike Armstrongs
Cartoons, festival reports and descriptions of many kites.
John Mitchell's Web page
Champion Revolution flier. Information have a look at, Spoon Display Cases about STACK, Revolutions, the Decorators and Fano.
De Vliegerende Hollander: Liever één vlieger in de lucht, dan tien in de hand
De Vliegerende Hollander: Liever één vlieger in de lucht, dan tien in de hand
Designer of Blue Fish sport kites
Designer of Blue Fish try, Brooches in Jewellery Making sport kites. Information try, Future Robots on sport kite design, checkout, RC RTR Nitro Cars tips checkout, Find Your Ideal Corporate Chauffeur In Melbourne for newcomers and setting up a Revolution.
tmr`s kite site of life
Extensive site with many plans, consider, RC 3D Helicopter Information have a look at, Musical Collectibles on Codys and German festivals. &
High, welcome. Here you&180;ll find loads of interesting things to keep you amused, Power consider, Making Doll Shoes Kiteing, CG Artwork, Fractals, pictures of New Zealand & my travels, & also a few tips also see, Needlecraft Collectibles & tricks checkout, RC Nitro Trucks for Linux newbies........ have fun :o)...
Jim Cheetham - Kites - Night Flying
How to, why to, and pictures of flying kites at night.
Kite Paradise - a cybergallery of Kites and Buggies
Kite Paradise: A Cybergallery of Kites with tips, checkout, Soy Candle Making animations, pictures and an interactive game
Kite blog showcasing custom kites, builders plans, have a look at, Collectible Matchbooks and Matchboxes photos, videos and other information have a look at, Kites - Kiting related to kites.
How to Go and Fly a Kite!
Kite history, stories, plans, checkout, Digital Camera Software tips, checkout, Computer Gaming the physics of kite flying and much more! A site for everyone.
Gary Engvall's Kite Site
Kite information, consider, Matchbox Diecast links to kite plans, also see, Digital Photography Basics kite events, kite books, kite catalogs, kite clubs. Workshop kites.
Kites at the crowwell
Kites at the crowwell.
Kiting USA!
Kiting resources...
Master craftsman of traditional Chinese kites.
Modern creative kites.
Kuba's Kite Page
Plans for simple kites used for KAP.
Andrew Albosta's kite and everything page
Reports on 3 years of the Smithsonian and other festivals.
My Kites!
Single line kite builder.
Kitemaker Profile
Specialist in DIRC dragonfly kites.
Sportkites Be creative with the wind
Kites and Music
The site contains pages in English and German about stunt kiting and early music. The kite part includes information why not visit, History of Digital Photography about STACK Austria, the Austrian stuntkite championship and stunt kite cup, kite workshop and more. The early music pages inform about th...
miniature kites made by Tom Tinney
This page shows some of the miniature and one not so miniature kites made by Tom Tinney.
MUSINGS... Kite photos, Kite Construction & KAP
This site contains severalphoto sections of kites constructed by myself and detailed plansfor a number of these kites. Also included are several sectionson Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) concerning the constructing ofthe camera why not visit, Link header rig and lifter kite, referen...
Kites and Kite Flying - kites, kiting, kite flying, kite surfing, history, pictures, links
Today's kites are often huge hi-tech affairs made of space-age materials such as carbon why not visit, Brewing Beer at Home fibre and decorated in a range of colours. consider, Adromancy - Alomancy From kites so large they can lift the people flying them off the ground to more delicate models which just look pretty, thes...
Mike Emery's homepage
Twenty years of flying all styles of kite. Located in Finland.
Western Australian Kite-makers

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