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KiteLoft's Events Calendar
Kiting events and expositions, the Kite Loft of Ocean City Maryland
NARFF! Colorado   
Public Kiting events and activities in and around Colorado USA.
California Kiting Schedule For 2003
The 2003 schedule of kite competitions and kite festivals for California
Kite Calendar
UK KITE EVENTS CALENDAR . Large or small, all listed here, with links for more information
Drachenfeste, Kitefestivals, Kite Events
Alles um Drachen, Sport und Kultur. Events, Kiteshops-Online, Spots, Produktsupport, Know-How und Technik.
Events List
Calendar of major UK kiting events.
Regions 7 & 8 Kite Events Calendar 2007
Maintained by Troy Gunn.

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