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PV2 Kite Aerial Photography
A guide for modifiying the CVS PV2 single use digital camera , Radio Controlled Racing Cars for kite aerial photography
Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)
Charles Hall's Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) Site
Small site about photographer using video view finder (South Africa).
Travels with ROSE
KAP onboard the 'Rose' tall ship.
Altina Homepage
KAPing using commercially available kites with home have a look at, Antique Dolls built carbon consider, Display Stands fibre high-tech rigs. With picture galleries. (Belgium)
MUSINGS, Kite Aerial Photography Index
Well published KAPer with clear diagrams of rigs. Rokkaku plan why not visit, RC Brushless Cars (NY, USA).
Kite Aerial Photography E-Resources
Kite Aerial Photography E-Resources E-Zine, KAPER - Tutorials, Stories, Articles, and Links to everything about KAP.
KAP Kite Aerial Photography
This page is informing you about: Kite Aerial Photography, KAP. Equipment, Elektronics, Technique, Experience, Kites and of course Aerial-Pictures. For example from Langeoog Island, Pilsum, Bottrop, Hiddensee Island, old coal minings, lighthouses and so o...
George's Kite Aerial Photography
A photographic index of my experiences with kite aerial photography (KAP). Includes information also look at, Boat Building Plans about the history and techniques of this unusual method of capturing a bird's eye view in pictures. Discussions about rig construction and kites are included....
Kite Aerial Photography
Using KAP to build a library of images for texture-mapped graphics (CA, USA).
Kite Aerial Photography - Simon Harbord
Kite Aerial Photography or KAP is a technique for taking aerial photographs using the lifting power checkout, Kite Plans of kites to provide the aerial perspective.This site explains Simon Harbord's approach to KAP.
BirdsEye Kite Aerial Photography
BirdsEye is a site about Aerial Photography. A nice collection seen from a birdseye view

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