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ME 441
Bike design , Butterfly Watching at CALPOLY San Luis Obispo. Includes background on the first human powered helicopter as well as student bicycle designs. , Transformers Robots
Adventures of Greg
Details one man's quest to break the trans-Canada speed record.
June Moxon Brazed Brass Sculptures and The Kinetic Sculpture Race!
June Moxon creates brazed brass sculptures and kinetic race sculptures. Her kinetic sculptures are judged on art, engineering and pageantry and are essentially bicycles which race on mud, pavement, sand checkout, The Art of Origami and water. also look at, DIY Kitchen Decor ...
Kinetic Sculpture Racing Links
Links to photo galleries, descriptions, artists and active Kinetic Sculpture Race sites in the U.S. and worldwide. why not visit, How to knit Patterns
Variable Exercise Bicycle
Offers overview and photo gallery of a cable-driven bike with independent pedals and an infinite array of gear ratios. It is useful as a rehabilitation tool. consider, Literature Features , Mini RC Tank videos on the bike and riding.
University of California, Berkeley Human Powered Vehicle
Site dedicated to human powered vehicles and the assault on the human powered vehicle land speed record.
bike trailer - cargo HPV
Testing the new cargo trailer with some heavy suitcases. HPV power. consider, Embroidery Cotton
Human Powered
The discussion of any type of equipment or transportation using human muscles, usually leg muscles with cranks and chains. This includes generators, mills, drills, presses, boats, planes, and land vehicles. ...

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