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Richard A. Bartle: MUD Writings Archive
A collection of fulltext research articles on MUDs by different researchers.
Baby Names
Baby Names is a wicked hobby
Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games University of Waterloo
Intorduction to the Museum and Archive of Games Web also see, Pewter Collectibles Site
Game Research - The art, business, and science of video games
Offers news and research information consider, Barbie Doll Houses on the development and social impact of computer games, and the Games Research mailing list.
The Norrathian Scrolls: A Study of EverQuest
Online Research of the computer game EverQuest. Presentation of the Study. By Nicholas Yee.
GLOBALTIMOTO : A Quest For Gameplay ( by Tim Hull )
Tim Hull is Globaltimoto: One man, on a motorcycle, around the world, in A Quest For Gameplay. A mission to explore and record diverse people and the games we play.
Dungeons and Dreamers
Website for book of the same name. Includes sample chapter and individual pages for authors Brad King and John Borland.
Artificial Life Game

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