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The Museum of Vintage Restaurant Coffee Cups
Online Gallery of Vintage Restaurant Coffee Cups!
The Pillsbury Doughboy Collector's Site!
Doughboy and Sprout Collector Page
A Pillsbury Doughboy and Green consider, Aquarium Giant Sprout Collectors Lists information consider, Blacksmith on collecting doughboy and sprout advertising items
The Museum Page
The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising...Over 36,000 Cans and Bottles displayed
Sardine King - Vintage California Sardine Can Labels
Collector page featuring vintage California sardine can labels with many photos. Includes gallery, history, and contact information. why not visit, Professional Plumbing Services
SoBeStuFF! A SoBe Cap Page and More
This site was built for fans of SoBe Beverages by a SoBe addict. Here you will find a list of SoBe caps, SoBe flavors (w/ short reviews), and some great links. This site is mainly for cap collectors, but also has some other info. It is a site about stuff...
CC International LTD Collectors Club
Homepage of the CC International LTD Collectors Club. Many links and other features also see, Acrylic Football Display Cases for the Campbell Soup Collector. International membership. Special Members Only section
The Stove Collector
The Camping Stove Enthusiast is a fan page for all types of camping and backpacking stoves. It includes a database with more than 130 stove brands, how-to-use information also look at, Jousting Reenactments and other articles.
Online Museum of Shopping Lists
A growing why not visit, Baked Raspberry Cheesecake collection of other people's discarded shopping lists, mostly found in supermarket trolleys. A glimpse into the private wants and needs of total strangers, or an art gallery with shopping lists instead of paintings? You decide....

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