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Fun With Tubes
Fun with Tubes has a wealth of information also look at, 2-7 Single Draw Poker related to vacuum tube circuits and techniques.
Pass D.I.Y. Home of DIY Audio, Amplifiers, Preamps and Speakers
Pass DIY the Home consider, Parsnip and Date Cake of DIY Audio, Amplifiers, Preamps and Speakers Developments: Multi-amplification DIY Project.
nMine - Multi-amplification PCB with 24 dB/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Electronic filters and three power look at, RC Robot Kit amplifiers.
Describes a few tube amplifier projects including schematics and descriptions of the circuitry.
Promitheus´ DIY Audio Web site
Includes projects and articles about amplifiers, preamplifiers, speakers and cables.
DIY Audio Cables, Landscape and Aurora Photography
DIY cables, aurora and landscape consider, Kyosho Nitro RC Cars photography by Chris VenHaus
Wade's Audio And Tube Page
Discussion of vacuum tube and transistor audio amplifiers and other associated high fidelity equipment.

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