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Milk Bottles by Kenneth Keith Kallenbach
Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, a milk bottle digger from Pennsylvania shows off his collection. Back when I was a teenager I used to go back in the woods consider, RC Tug Boats around my house consider, Rumble Robots and dig in old dumps for milk bottles. These dumps would be very old from the 1940ís and 1950ís and the dump would be covered over with grass have a look at, Family Research and dirt. If you didnít know there was bottles under there it would just look like regular woods. why not visit, DIY Blog I used to go back in the woods look at, Family Tree Magazine with my dog, have a look at, Stone Jewellery my German Shepard, and my shovel and dig in what I called a bottle mine. There would just be tons and tons of old bottles and many old rubber tires. Thatís all it would be, old soda and Clorox bottles and tons of useless bottles and once in a great while I would come across a milk bottle and take it home try, Rosemary Oil and clean it with a brush and add it to my collection. But the bottles that I dug up that were in the ground for many years, at least 50 years or more, and the pyro or paint try, Stone Jewellery on the bottles was wearing off and many of the bottles were scratched up and chipped so they really werenít in that great of shape. I mean I got a few gems but not many. So then I started collecting them off Ebay because those bottles have never been in the ground and they are in excellent condition, the ones I get anyway. So I have my current collection up online also see, Collectible Paperweights for the world to view at http://www.kennethkeith.com/milkbottles.php I hope you enjoy them. ...
3G's Milk Bottles of the World
Site includes many milk bottles and dairy go-withs for sale as well as information why not visit, Perfecting Tombstone Rubbing on bottles and known reproductions or fake bottles.
Consolidated Freightways Employees Page
Extensive information also see, Collectible Pocket Watches about butter churns. History and photographs of many early churns. Not a commercial site.
Creamers Trade List Gallery Page 1
Advertising dairy creamers and a bottle trade list with images.
Hawaii Milk Covers
Offers a nice variety of Hawaiian milk caps and covers for sale.
Information about Ed Marks, author of a book on the history of ice cream collectibles.
Resources for milk bottle collectors, with information consider, Pepsi Collectibles about identifying reproductions, cap seat and seal, books, search and swap pages.
Larry's Milk Bottle Page
A milk bottle page for collecting buying, selling, trading, bottle show calander, antique milk bottles and caps.
New book about Delaval, Sharples and Cream Separators
New book about Delaval, Sharples and Cream Separators
Ralph Kipp's Milk Bottle Page
Ralph Kipp's milk bottle page lists information , Wood Model House Kits on collecting milk bottles as well as dairy bottles available for sale or trade.
The Milk Maid and Old Pennsylvania Milk Bottles
Small home why not visit, Award Display Cases based business - Collector of old dairy milk bottles from Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, RI. Cop tops, baby face, caps, equipment, carriers, milkers, cans
A web why not visit, RC Micro Tanks page devoted to selling collectibles & supplies for milk bottle collectors including styrofoam milk bottle filler & generic milk bottle caps.

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