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The North American Velomobilist
A resource for those interested in acquiring their own velomobile.
Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips,
Suggestions for successful bicycle commuting by a San Francisco cyclist, activist and writer.
Messenger Memorial
An online also see, General Lee CB Radio memorial to members of the international bike messenger community. Includes stories, artwork, and poetry.
How to bike commute in Santa Barbara County, California.
Though published by the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, this resource provides a general overview of tips checkout, Sugar Free Banana Muffins and techniques that could benefit any bicycle commuter.
Encouraging Bicycling - Transportation - Sierra Club
Part of the Sierra Club's 'Stop Sprawl' series, it is the summary of an article based on a nationwide, aggregate analysis as well as detailed case studies of cycling trends and policies in seven case study cities. ...
Commuter Bicycles
Features recommendations for bicycle designed and equipped specifically for commuting and transportation as opposed to recreation. The site is presented as a public benefit to support alternatives to the automobile. Includes links to example vehicles from...
Citizens for Safe Cycling - CfSC
CfSC is the voluntary association of cyclists like you who work for better, safer, environmentally also look at, Galaxy CB Radio friendly cycling in Ottawa. - Steve Spindler Cartography - Bicycle Map Design also see, RC Tricopters for trails, parks, clubs, tours, cities, counties and states. International Bikes on Transit Information have a look at, Doll House Accessories (bus, train, ferry since 1995
Bike Worker
Bike Worker
Bicycling Life
A useful and relevant resource for those wishing to use their bicycles for touring and commuting. Includes many articles and links that will appeal to novice and expert alike.
Bicycle commuting options for cities
Integrating bicycles into city living. Public bike programs. Electric have a look at, Model House Supplies scooter programs. Trains designed to accommodate cyclists and their bikes. New ways of thinking to reduce dependency on cars and get cars out of the inner city....
Bicycle commuting benefits
A one page resource published by the Sacramento Transportation Management Association lauding the benefits of considering bicycle commuting by both workers and employers. Various tips checkout, Top 10 DIY Plumbing Solutions and suggestions are offered. ...
Bicycle Commuter Mentor Program of Charlotte, North Carolina
Though some content is focused upon North Carolina, there are many useful resources to any beginning bicycle commuter. Topics range from riding techniques to equipment.

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