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Gallery of Bulgarian Paper Money
History of the monetary affairs and forgers in Bulgaria. Banknotes, cash and treasury bonds, extraordinary paper money. Pictures of all emissions of Bulgarian paper money from 1885 to nowadays.
Guernsey Banknote List
Banknotes issued in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, 1810 - present. Compiled by Steven Gibbs, your contact in Guernsey.
New Zealand Bank Notes
News, images and information have a look at, Glossary of Stained Glass on the currency of New Zealand including pre-decimal, decimal, error and polymer notes.The new site on New Zealand Currency. Whilst browsing around, please click on the various arrows and flashing objects. Stuff happens. ...
Janeriks Norwegian Banknote Pages
History of Norwegian banknotes from 1695 until today, with descriptions and pictures. Covers the period from 1695 to today, showing how the banknotes mirror both technical and political developments. To my best knowledge, Norges bank was the first and only national bank of Norway....
African Paper Money
Specialized collector of West African States and Central African States Banknotes, provides information try, Memorabilia Display Cases and scans. Niger notes were emergency have a look at, Model Horse - Breyer - Collectibles issues for what is now Mali. Both are extremely rare. An issue of 500,000 notes was authorized for Upper Senegal - Niger in 1919. ...
Bank of Russia Banknotes
Official page by the Bank of Russia, with images and descriptions of all legal tender banknotes. The 5-Ruble banknote is designed on the basis of the 5,000-Ruble banknote of the 1995 issue. It is 137 mm by 61 mm and it is made on paper of a light-green hue, containing violet, red and light-green fibers....
Banknote Collector
Specialized paper money collector,banknote articles and images on Portugal,British India and East Africa,and Malawi.Banknote images of Mutu, Banda, George V. Collecting paper money is a great hobby. Collecting banknotes from Africa is a fine collectors choice....
Banknotes of Mali, Guinea and the French Antilles
Banknotes of Africa, Mali, Guinea, Conakry, West African Banknotes, Currency, Numismatics. Banknotes of Guinea issued from 1960 to present. Banknotes of Mali issued from 1962 to 1984. Banknotes of the French Antilles issued from 1961 - 1974....
A Field Guide to the Birds on Banknotes
A checklist of birds look at, Doll House Games on banknotes. Based on the Standard try, Card Games Catalog of World Paper Money Volume 3 - Modern Issues (1961-1997) Third Edition earlier banknotes based on Volume Two - General Issues, Seventh Edition (1994). ...
Bruno's Paper Money Collection
A site dedicated to my hobby. The banknotes shown in this page are not for sale. For a list of the items available for exchanges see Exchanges.asp You can use the images of this page freely. In case you do, a reference to the home try, Find An Affordable Way To Restore Your Roof! page of this site is appreciated....
Canadian Paper Money Errors and Bank Note Errors
There are many types of errors of Canadian paper money. This site will hopefully help you understand them. A non commercial site for information try, Banana Nut Bread only.
Coin Mall
Coins and Currency Collecting. Ancient, Modern, Medieval, World, U.S., British, Australian. Dozens of Collectibles Dealers, , Coins Display Cases Contests, Freebies, Prizes, great things, hobby information , Challenge Coin Display Cases and more. Founded in 1995, The Card Mall was the first of many web try, Poker Chips sites to be combined under the name of Currently, there are Card, Coin, Currency, Stamp, and Phone also look at, RC Tower Crane Card sites available to collectors and dealers. look at, Coins Display Cases ...
Dutch Banknotes
Banknotes from the Netherlands; Nederlandse bankbiljetten. My Collection is displayed through the link history of dutch banknotes. Additional scans are added to the display where banknotes are still missing also look at, RC Tank Tracks in my collection. As I am a collector of Dutch banknotes, I am still searching for missing look at, Pottery Classes banknotes to complete my collection and on display....
Mac's Old Paper Money
Mac's Old Paper Money sells and buys collectible currency, including Colonial, Continental, Famous signers, Delaware and American Revolution currency.
Janeriks is a hobby site, for those interested in one or more of coin collecting, stamp collecting, banknote collecting and reading. Use this site as your starting point when you explore these areas of interest. Images and information why not visit, High Medieval Reenactments of notes from Norway from pre-1878 forward....
Monnaies du Monde, World banknotes collection
Collection of Banknotes, Paper Money and Currency - Images of World Bank Notes; Monnaies du Monde [World paper money collecion] , Pictures of Money and Currency - Photos of Banknotes - Images of World Bank Notes. WorlWide Banknotes - World Paper Money....
Notafilia, banknotes collection, money, paper money. Notafilia means collecting paper money, it is an area of numismatics, which studies collections of any kind of money related material. Paper money is anything regarding banknotes, bills and any other kind of valuable printed material....
A web checkout, Scrapbooking source for paper money enthusiasts, with emphasis on MPC and other war related currency. NEW! ATM test notes pages, with gallary, forum, and collector list added.
Physicists on the Money
Physicists have been honored by having their picture on currency in many countries why not visit, Novelty Yarns around the world. Some are shown in small images on this website. Click on the colored text to view or down load a larger copy of the image. Abu Nasr Al-Farabi (870-950) appears on the 1 Tenge note from Kazakhstan. ...
A personal page about paper money in English and Portuguese.
Rare Banknotes and World Paper Money from Malaya Straits Settlements
Straits Settlements Banknotes and World Paper Money
Rebel States Currency
Confederate Southern States issued currency, United States Fractional currency and coins
Roberto's world of plastic
History and images of currency made with polymer. English and Italian versions.
Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage
Official I.B.N.S. Image Gallery Site with images of 10,000+ world bank notes, past and present.
Russian Money
Russian currency from the first ones printed to the latest ones in circulation.
Scans of banknotes
More than 1000 high resolution scans of banknotes from all european countries
Stonewalls Civil War Currency
examples of Confederate Southern States issued currency, United States Fractional currency, Civil War issued coins and bonds
The world's leading reference for polymer bank notes
A complete review of all polymer (plastic) bank notes of the world, complete with scans, descriptions, and numbering system.
Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery
A collection of over 1700 world bank notes from 298 countries. why not visit, RC Cheap Petrol Cars Information why not visit, How to play Poker on world paper money, who's who on banknotes, banknote galleries
Tongan Notes
Details of my research of Tongan notes in my collection and notes I have seen.
Various Paper Money by Seiichi Arai
Collector site with paper money from around the world from trips plus images and information look at, Lotology - Collectible Lottery Tickets about notes of Japan.
Wad Nensberg's Russian Banknotes
Images and information also look at, 4 Simple Yet Effective Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners on Russian notes from 1767 forward, including local try, Remote controlled Tank Warfare issues.
Web Notes - a.k.a. Web Press Notes - Information
Web notes, or web have a look at, Doll House Accessories press notes, are $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes printed on a web have a look at, South African BBQ Cool Open-fire Fondue press (1992-1995). Images, info on rare blocks, plate combos, and online checkout, Collectible Shot Glasses sales catalog.
WSCE Collecting Confederate Paper Money
History of the Confederate States of America paper money.

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